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This post is all about MTN GoodyBag Data Plan for Whatsapp Facebook and Twitter. There are various MTN Internet Data bundles that users can opt for to get access to the internet, like web pages like, Google.

Below is the updated code for MTN Goodybag data bundles. MTN Goodybag bundles is a social media internet data plan.

This helps you connect to popular social networks via your smartphone in no time. Chat with friends, share photos, multimedia and stuffs at an affordable price tag.

Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter: GoodyBag MTN

The MTN GoodyBag Data package allows access to social network applications e.g Whatsapp. It comprises of Weekly and Monthly data plan. The weekly GoodyBag data plan is N25 while the Monthly GoodyBag data plan is N60; for each social application.

MTN GoodyBag Subscription Code

Here’s the general procedure, for each GoodyBag data plan:

  1. Dial *131# or *662#
  2. Select option 7, GoodyBag option
  3. Select the package you want and follow the prompt.


Example for Whatsapp:

    1. Dial *131# or *662#
    2. Select option 7, GoodyBag
    3. Select option 10, ‘more’
    4. Goto option 3, ‘Whatsapp’
    5. Subscribe, by selecting the number for the Weekly or Monthly Plan.

MTN GoodyBag Data Plan For Whatsapp, Facebook,Twitter e.t.c 2016

How to Check MTN Goodybag Data Bundles Balance

To check the Whatsapp data allocation or used data dial *559*25# or *559*2#
To opt out from the Whatsapp GoodyBag package —-Follow the previous step. Select ‘Opt out’ after locating the Whatsapp subscription interface or send:  No WAM to 131.

MTN GoodyBag Whatsapap Plan 2016


Same process applies for twitter and the rest.

USSD Codes for Goodybag Data bundles


Direct Subscription to the GoodyBag MOnthly Plan without using the General Procedure:


Send: WAMS to 131

Send: FBM to 131

Send: TWTM to 131

2gom to 131

For tips on other networks drop your comments below………..

MTN Network have continued to improve on their services over the years. Being one of the pioneers of Telecom in Nigeria, the company have been able to bring forth new additions in Telecom into the country. This can be exemplified from the introduction of 5G Network in Nigeria, after the proliferation of the 4G Network that many users have simply embraced.

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  1. I have a giff gaff goody bag but when I dial a lot of my contact numbers it tells me it’s not in. My goody bag plan why is this ?
    Please email me the exact goody bag plan to enable me to see if it’s worth my while
    Changing to another provider to suit my needs
    Kind regards Mrs Margaret Chadd. email mchadd58@gmail,com

  2. i just suscribed for the plan and i have not been on whatsapp for up to 1 hour yet it says that my whatsapp goody bag plan balance is 0 mb.
    i dont understand how this plan works at all

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