MTN 4G Subscription and Device Compatibility Codes

mtn-4g-lteMTN 4G Subscription and Device Compatibility Codes.
MTN is already running 4G/LTE is some African countries, Nigeria inclusive. MTN 4G/LTE service was recently introduced and yet to become wide spread just as in other mobile Network provider’s 4G/LTE service. This development is as a result of some other factors, mostly due subscribers phone compatibility with LTE and lack of LTE’s coverage in every nook and cranny of the Nigeria.

LTE’s lack of coverage to every nook and cranny of Nigeria is left for the network providers to handle while that of device compatibility with the service lies on the subscribers end.

Since technically LTE is faster than 3G if all other factors are put into place, it’s a good thing one should upgrade to a device that supports this service. Let’s forget about the past and live the future.

To check whether your device supports the LTE service on MTN sim. Text 4G to 131, after texting, MTN will in turn send you a message to your inbox on your device compatibility with the 4G service. If it’s compatible, you should get a message close to this format, reads: ‘Yello! Your device is 4G reaady but you need to upgrade your SIM to enjoy MTN 4G LTE. Please visit the nearest MTN store or partner retailer for a sim swap now’.

If your device isn’t compatible with MTN 4G LTE service, you will instead receive a text that reads: “Yello! You need to upgrade you Sim Card and device to enjoy MTN 4G. Please visit the nearest MTN store or partner retailer to upgrade now”.

One more thing, I forgot to add, ‘you also need 4G enabled MTN sim’ in order to use the service. To get a 4G enabled sim, visit any nearest MTN center around your place.

To subscribe for MTN LTE internet data bundles simply dial *444#, then, follow the Menu prompt that pop out and reply with the number assigned:

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MTN 4G 100MB data plan >>>500 Naira valid 7 days.

MTN 4G 150MB data plan>>>499 Naira valid 24 hours.

MTN 4G 200MB data plan>>>1000 Naira valid for 30 days

MTN 4G unlimited data plan>>>36,999 Naira valid 30 days.

MTN 4G 42GB data plan>>> 66,499 Naira valid for 1 year.

MTN 4G 10GB data plan>>>6000 Naira valid for 30 days.

MTN 4G 15GB data plan>>>10,000 Naira valid for 3o days.

For an average working Nigerian these MTN 4G internet data bundles price is expensive in relation to the data bundles allocated. Considering the economic situation for most Nigerians it’s definitely a no go for them. Probably with time, it may become cheaper.

But there are also other options, that brings the GLO LTE into question>>>>SEE, LINK.

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