Etisalat 4G Internet bundles Subscription Codes

Etisalat 4G Internet bundles Subscription CodesEtisalat 4G Internet bundles Subscription Codes.
Recently was has been trending with most Nigerian mobile network providers is LTE/4G. And Etisalat hasn’t been an exception. Previously it was GLO, then MTN now Etisalat.

Etisalat 4G is now live, already covering most areas in Lagos. The Etisalat 4G technology will enable increased speed and access to mobile internet browsing and voice call.

Setting up the Etisalat 4G/LTE is quite straight to the point because Etisalat LTE support most LTE capable phones and Etisalat sim are already LTE enabled. Completely eliminating the need to visit a nearby center to obtain LTE capable sim as opposed to other networks.

Etisalat 4G/LTE will work with most mobile phones in the Nigerian market having 4G support because Etisalat LTE band frequency have higher support probability considering the LTE band of most LTE capable devices in the Nigerian market.

Here are the supported 4G frequency bands of four mobile Network Provider in Nigeria:

  • MTN 4G >>>7(2600MHz) and 20(800MHz) LTE band.
  • GLO 4G>>>28(700MHz) LTE band.
  • Etisalat>>>3(1800MHz) LTE band.
  • Ntel>>> 3(1800MHz) and 8(900MHz) LTE band.

This LTE/4G support band list should give an insight to the type of LTE capable device one needs to purchase to work with mobile Networks in Nigeria.

Below are the Etisalat 4G/LTE Internet Data bundles Subscription Codes for your device:

Etisalat 4G/LTE Internet Data Bundle Subscription Codes

To check your bundle balance dial *228# anytime.

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