Airtel Smartconnect Tariff Plan offers 6 Times Value

Airtel Smartconnect Tariff Plan offers 6 Times ValueAirtel Smartconnect Tariff Plan offers 6 Times Value of every recharge. The new Smartconnect tariff is known as 2.0. Its a prepaid plan available on new sims, or rather meant for new customers whereby 6 times the value of recharge is credited on the customer’s account.

How To Opt for Airtel SmartConnect Tariff

Simply buy a new Airtel SIM. Register it and then activate the line by inserting the SIM into your device, then, recharge it to enjoy the 6 times the value of every recharge. This means, if you recharge with 100 Naira airtime you get 600 Naira in your account and with 200 Naira airtime recharge you get 1200 Naira! Wow!, sounds cool, right?!.

Whatever, Airtel has stepped up and hitting the threshold, and the only network that can outdo them for now seems to be only GLO. The GLO Jollific8 Tariff is also similar to this newly unveiled Airtel Smartconnect tariff. I wonder what the likes of MTN and ETISALAT are doing, probably warming up the bench, we just never can tell, they may just decide to reciprocate and undo the duo’s, Airtel and GLO. So far, for this two networks, it has been back to back hits considering affordable data and cheap tariff plans.

Overview of Airtel SmartConnect Tariff Package

  • Recharge 100 Naira get 250 Naira bonus credit and Equivalent 250Naira/ 50MB bonus = 600 Naira
  • Recharge 200 Naira get 500 Naira bonus credit and Equivalent 500Naira/ 100MB = 1200 Naira
  • Recharge 300 Naira get 750 Naira bonus credit and Equivalent 750 Naira/ 150MB = 1800 Naira
  • Recharge 500 Naira get 500 Naira bonus credit and Equivalent 1250 Naira / 250MB = 3000 Naira
  • Recharge 1000 Naira get 2500 Naira bonus credit and Equivalent 2500 / 500MB = 6000 Naira

All the bonus remains valid for 7days and Main account does not expire.

Frequently Asked Question on Airtel SmartConnect

1 How do I recharge?

Dial *126*pin#

Can I use my bonus to call ALL NETWORKS?

Yes. Bonus can be used for Data and calls to all networks.

3 How do I check balance?

Dial *123#

Can I enjoy 6 times bonus if I Recharge with ERC?

 Yes. ERC recharges also qualify for 6 times bonus.

5  How long can I use my bonus?

 All bonuses are valid for 7 days.

6 How much will I be charged for calls on this plan?

Calls from Main Account and Bonus will be charged at 50k/sec.

Can I roll over my unused bonus?

Yes, simply recharge before your bonus expires.

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For any stuff, drop your comments below and you sure will be responded to, in no time.

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  2. oke

    Thanks for the tariff plan info, but it is not so much about whether it’s 6x bonus but how much per minute!! How much talk time in minutes do one get! Please let’s know. Many thanks

  3. oke

    Thanks for the tariff plan info, but it is not so much about whether it’s 6x bonus but how much per minute!! How much talk time in minutes do one get! Please let’s know. Many thanks bro

  4. oke

    … And we will appreciate if you give this info on all your subsequent tariff plan posts!

  5. Farouk

    @oke, nice to have u around. Airtel SmartConnect Charges about 50k/s for all calls both from the main account and bonus account. 1 minute is then 60*500=30naira. A strategy to make u zap the main /bonus

  6. oke

    @Farouk ,many thanks. Never thought I was going to get any response…..and promptly too! And any time you do analysis on these kind of bogus tariff plans, please include the true call rate per minute because the GSM networks don’t furnish potential subscribers with such information, .You are the best

  7. oke

    @Farouk, though may not be the right thread, please can you help with similar call rate on Airtel Talk more? Many thanks in anticipation.

  8. xpensive

    what does erc recharging means and how do u recharge with erc?

  9. Mary

    Please i mistakely opt for airtel ovajara and av been try to opt from it buh i cant

    please could u please tell me how to unsubscribe it??

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