Newly unveiled Nigerian Portal lets you Download Projects and Earn Money

Newly unveiled Nigerian Portal lets you Download Projects and Earn MoneyNewly unveiled Nigerian Portal Lets you Download Projects and Earn Money. Yes!, Project and Pages, see link, is an online fast growing Nigerian archive where you can get various support information on your projects and more. Whether you are a student of some discipline, an entrepreneur, innovator, a salesman or just some Geek out there, that wants to make a difference with some research project, Project and Pages comes handy. You can easily find support materials to guide you through your goals.

This portal not only deal with projects, but, it also spans through a range of E-books on different specialization. i.e. Support documents on Starting an indigenous Business from scratch. For final year students, this Nigerian portal simply becomes simply incredibly important. I think this portal should be on every Nigerian students bookmark.

The good thing also about newly unveiled Nigerian Projects and Pages is that, it not only lets you get access to invaluable materials with just a click of a button, but it also gives you an option to share your projects, documents, Journals, Tips and more with the world on the pretext of sharing your knowledge, findings or follow through guide with myriads of unique people.

Project and Pages also allows you set an option to MONETIZE your stuff, make money uploading projects, journals, E-books and more . That is if you have materials, documents, projects, follow through guide, Business guides and more, you can simply upload it to Project and Pages with  just a click of a button, and set your token amount. Again, you can set an option to share the material for free.

The advantage of Project and Pages is that it promotes the dispensation of knowledge around the world, free knowledge for all. So, from now on, if you have your Projects and other useful stuff you have undertaken, don’t just let it to lie and waist in your computer or a room shelf, upload the knowledge base to Projects and Pages for people to make use of and reference to.

Projects and Pages is obliging every one to assist in the dispensation of knowledge for all by sharing their Final year projects and thesis for all schools and institutions in Nigeria and beyond, journals, support articles, business guide and more to its fast growing knowledge base. In addition, any one with a book, novel report any material at all that can impart knowledge can also set an option for MONETIZING.

Projects and Pages also offers an opportunity for existing publishers with books, who want to harness sales from their E-versions of their books, magazines, guides and any thing at all. Projects and Pages is simply for everyone, whether you want to download some books or monetize your stuffs.

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