GLO JOLLIFIC8 Gives 8 Times your Recharge

GLO JOLLIFIC8 Gives 8 Times your Recharge GLO JOLLIFIC8 Gives 8 Times your Recharge. Yes!, its true. This is to all new GLO network subscribers in Nigeria. GLO has kept releasing back to back hits so far. From the likes of comparatively cheap data bundles to the likes of mouth-watering bonuses on calls. If you not using this newly unveiled bonanza, JOLLIFIC8 by GLO. Then you must be missing something great for some time. JOLLIFIC8 is a newly introduced tariff plan on the GLO network for new subscribers. The bad news doesn’t work on older sim. The good news irresistible. What this means, ” To enjoy this tariff get a new GLO sim, period”.

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GLO JOLLIFIC8 Gives 8 Times your Recharge

Glo Jollific8 offers new subscribers 800% more value on every recharge from N100 and above. Customers get 8 times benefits, including bonus to call all local networks, browse freely and get free data that can be gifted to other subscribers.

See the breakdown of bonuses below:

  • N100 recharge gives N800 + 50 MB data /10MB Gift (N50) = N850
  • N200 recharge gives N1,600 + 100MB data/25MB Gift(N100) = N1,700
  • N500 recharge gives N4,000 + 250MB data/50MB Gift (N200) = N4,200
  • N1,000 recharge gives N8,000 + 500MB data/100MB Gift(N400) = N8,400
  • N5,000 recharge gives N40,000 + 2500MB data/500MB Gift(N2,000) = N42,000

This lets you Enjoy Voice and Data on every GLO recharge.

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How does the GLO JOLLIFIC8 work?

Buy a new GLO sim and register and activate it. Automatically you will be activated on the JOLLIFIC8 tariff. Next, when recharging airtime use *223*PIN#. Where PIN stands for the card pin and you will be given automatically 8 times the value of the recharge card being loaded plus free data to gift someone on the Glo network. Make calls and use data to enjoy these benefits.

To check your bonus on JOLLIFIC8 dial #122# for voice/data benefits and *606# for data gift benefits. Note: Only the gift data (*606#) can be transferred to another customer on the GLO network.


To transfer the gift data to a friend use *606# and follow the menu prompt appropriately.

See you next time on another new update, but before that you may like to see this data plan on Airtel.



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    how long does the glo jollific8 bonus lasts?

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