MTN 7GB Data for 2000 Naira

MTN 7GB Data for 2000 NairaMTN 7GB Data for 2000 Naira “Quite unlike MTN” Is this for real?.  If that’s what you are thinking! Well, same thing here too. Just kind of amazed can MTN really pull out such data cap at such prize, Uhh!. Sounds like a new joke of the century but, yes they did. For quite some time, it has been data wars among Nigeria network providers this 2016. Every weekend a new data plan keeps popping up from every nook and cranny from network providers. The good thing!, they keep out doing each other. The con!, in expense of your money!

Trending: MTN has just decided to unleash this kickass offer, ” MTN 7GB Data for 2000 Naira” but,  Mr. GLO doesn’t seem disturbed at all, so far GLO has been quite amazing of recent, with back to back records of cheap Data tariff which tags itself as a pace setter for other Nigeria networks to take heed. Whatever, let’s sit back, fold our hands and watch them unravel each other as we carefully pick the data tariff that meets our needs and budget. And don’t forget that GLO also have that of 10GB for 2500 Naira.

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To subscribe for the “MTN 7GB Data for 2000 Naira” bundles, all you have to do is send  a message:

 2016 to 131  

After sending it, in few seconds you will be replied with a message confirming your subscription for the 7GB internet bundles for 2000 Naira. If subscribed for this data bundle during Weekends, you will be given added MTN EXTRA WOW data bundle capped at 2GB.

See this image below:

MTN 7GB Data for 2000 Naira

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MTN 7GB Data for 2000 Naira


send 2016 to 131 for 7GB data Validity: 3 months.  If subscribed on Weekends, total data capped ( 7GB + 2GB )!!!!

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