Airtel unveils 25/50 Naira Data Plan @500MB/1.5GB

Airtel Nigter

Airtel made an update to the previous unlimited Airtel Smartrybe Tariff. This new update offers 500 MB internet data and 1.5 GB internet data for  25 Naira and 50 Naira respectively. The sad news only works in the night. The good news its affordable if you can wake up to surf web pages at night.

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To qualify for the newly unveiled Airtel night plan, simply migrate to the Airtel Smartrybe Tariff by dialing *312# and selecting the proper number option for migration. Check this image below:

Airtel unveils 25/50 Naira Data Plan @500MB/1.5GB

Dialing *312#

After migration on the Smartrybe Tariff opt for the night plan data for 25 Naira 500MB and 50 Naira 1.5GB by selecting the proper option as shown in the image above. After successful activation you can then use it on your device or share the data to your computer. And the speed its quite amazing 800Mbps to 1Mbps depending on the network coverage of Airtel in your area. See this image below.

Airtel unveils 25/50 Naira Data Plan @500MB/1.5GB

Airtel Night Bundles 25 Naira for 500MB and 50 Naira for 1.5GB 

Smartrybe Tariff *312# menu also comes with two other options as shown in the first image. “Trybe Weekend” and “500 Naira / 1 GB”. The Trybe Weekend offers 200MB of data for 200 Naira which is valid throughout the weekend, Saturdays to Sundays. See the image below:

Airtel unveils 25/50 Naira Data Plan @500MB/1.5GB

Airtel Smartrybe Weekend

While the 500 Naira / 1 GB option as the names implies, you get 1 GB data which cost 500 Naira. The data can be used both during the day and at night through out the week, that is, validity period of 7 days. This is more like back to back hits so far for Airtel subscribers. The 500 Naira data for 1 GB on Airtel Smartrybe Tariff is also like 500 Naira for 750 MB data plan. Only that the former offers more at same price. If you having problems subscribing for the 1 GB/500Naira Airtel Smartrybe bundle, simply opt for the second option for 750 MB.

Airtel unveils 25/50 Naira Data Plan @500MB/1.5GB

Airtel 500 Naira/1GB


All the Airtel internet data bundle above works on your mobile devices and computers. You can subscribe any of them on your hand-held device and share the data to your nearby friends by creating hotspot or you can simpy tether via USB to your computer.  You may also like the MTN 500 Naira for 1 GB Ipulse Tariff.

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    if i subscribed for that of night and i did not used it all within such night,can i use it for next night until i exhausted it all?

  2. Farouk

    You can’t reuse the remaining data for another night. Its validity ends the next day, whether you exhaust the data or not. You have to subscribe each night you intend doing the night plan.

  3. Turbo»»

  4. Anonymous

    pls, what is the night time duration?

  5. Anonymous

    pls how do i remove smartrybe and back to the previous plan

  6. Thanks for sharing…

  7. Alex

    I tried migrating,bt it didnt work

    1. Dial *312# on your mobile. Select the first option to migrate to Smartrybe. Then you can subscribe for 500 Naira for 1GB plan or the 25/50Naira night bundles.

      1. Anonymous

        What’s the code for night bundle!

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