See this New Whatsapp Group Chat Feature

See this New Whatsapp Group Chat FeatureI believe you know that old Whatsapp feature which gives you insight on the number people who have viewed and read your post on Whatsapp Group Chat. If you haven’t come across this before, well its quite straight to the point. ┬áTap on any message you have sent in a Whatsapp group for a while, above it you should see an “i” icon kind of circled….more like information tag or so. What you have to do is tap on the icon, and a list of the people who have read and viewed your message should display in an ascending row. Quite simple! See this image below:


Tap and hold on to your message, then tap the icon with an ” i ” as shown below.

See this New Whatsapp Group Chat Feature

Back to the new feature, What this feature does is that it allows a person to reply to a particular person’s message in Whatsapp Group Chat. This is available in all new versions of WHATSAPP. So, if you are still on older versions of Whatsapp, go to your application store and upgrade it to the latest one. See this picture below:

See this New Whatsapp Group Chat Feature

The screen shot above was taken from the official Whatsapp play store account notifying users of an upgrade and a new feature in Whatsapp. This feature lets users tap and hold on to any message in Whatsapp Group Chat and reply to such messages by simply tapping on the reply button at the top of the screen. See the image below for a clear understanding:

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See this New Whatsapp Group Chat Feature


Therefore, by simply tapping on any message which becomes highlighted and again, tapping the REPLY button – an outward arrow at the left side of the STAR button, you can reply to specific messages as shown in the image below:

See this New Whatsapp Group Chat Feature

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22 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    How to mke whatsapp

  2. Raymond says:

    whatsapp is still the fastest medium of communicating thanks for sharing

  3. farouk says:

    You r welcome get some programming courses to learn how to make yours bunch of repositories online.

  4. Siyanga says:

    Hi my name is Siyanga Sodam and I would like to ask you something. I need you to send Whatsapp for me because when ever I buy airtime and it does not want to download them and that why I am asking you to do it for me please. I’m begging you please! Love from Siyanga Sodam.

  5. farouk says:


    IF you are not on android platform, reply back so that i will send you link for your device OS.

    • Joshua says:

      I am not on android platform

  6. Rudo Jr says:

    What I discovered was that you can change a font by typing ( “`…“`) & this will change the font of the massage. Typing underscore(_ _) before & after a word or phrase will make the font I italics. Typing the star (*) before & directly after will make the font BOLD. Typing this symbol (~ ~) before & directly after a word or phrase will put a strike through the word(s).

  7. Farouk says:

    Yeah, I also try that too @Rudo, especially when I want to emphasize.
    Soonest, we should expect Whatsapp updates with Group Invite Link Feature, Video Calling and other features.

  8. Malowa says:

    I want to install whatsapp on my htc pro pocket pc touch t 7171,please help me

  9. Farouk says:

    @MALOWA you can download the apk file of WHATSAPP on any android device on apkpure………try to google something like ‘apkpure whatsapp’

  10. hi my people

  11. LOVE Or

  12. hai together ar one.lov ur nbear as u lov ur self

  13. hai mwaunkashani mwenbatu pantu maparo bakhwa resa yantuitangata pawushiku whnare amen

  14. Jay jay says:

    Nice one

  15. daniel says:

    Nyc one

  16. Abdulrahman says:

    Pls How Can I Manually Flash A Stock Rom On My Android

  17. Kwon-Lee says:

    The new feature is nice

  18. Carl says:

    I think its nice too

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