Xiaomi goes viral in India with over 2 million sales and YoY growth of over 150%

Xiaomi goes viral in India with over 2 million sales and YoY growth of over 150.
Xiaomi Chinese Smartphone manufacturers for the first time exceeded 2 million smart phone sales this 2o16, in India. This is the highest sales Xiaomi has recorded in India ever since its emergence in to the Indian market, dated July 2014. With a surprising 150 percent YoY growth from Q3 2015 to Q3 2016, which technically translates to higher sales in 2016. This was made known by the Chinese company’s India head Manu Kumar in twitter.

Xiaomi already sold 1 million smartphones in the first 18 days of October, 2016 in Q4 quarter. Which means most likely from all indications the company is bound to set a new record in Q4 quarter.

Jain said: 
“Mi India has been warmly welcomed by users, which is why we are one of the fastest growing brands in the smart phone industry today – one out of every four smartphones sold online was Xiaomi,”

It’s no doubt that Xiaomi have captured hearts of users by so many factors.

Firstly, this brand of smartphone has been able to provide its users with value for money. This means you get premium features on a smartphone that’s just a little bit above the $100 range.

Secondly, the company have been able to provide and craft out durable devices with cheap and affordable spear parts. So when some thing like the screen breaks, the price of fixing it is relatively cheap as when compared to some smartphone brand.

Thirdly, its MIUI, customized android operating system is sleek and comes with lots of features and customizations that are so user mesmerizing. Thus, users become hooked with the OS and brand.

Lastly, over the years, Xiaomi has been center of innovative ideas, the likes of Mi Mix which is the pioneer of the edgeless display trend is a notable example.

Also, Xiaomi has proven to do well in the battery department and all other aspects that you would consider of a smartphone.

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