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Whatsapp for Business Edition:

There is 99.99 percent probability that if you are running on any smartphone, and living within Europe, America and Africa region; have Whatsapp Messenger app installed with lots of features to use. Same thing goes for Android users. So Whatsapp Messenger chat app has come to be a popular entity amongst various smartphone users. The good news now is that, there is a version of Whatapp now released targeted for small business owners; such that this business start ups can communicate in an efficacious manner with their clients and customers with the sole intent to pass message across.

Whatsapp for Business has now been unveiled and already out for use to countries like, USA, UK, Mexico, Italy with also updates rolling out to other regions of the world to also have access to the app.

The thing is, the new development isn’t particularly new from another perspective, since already some business, in the past, have already taken lanes as to share information with their buyers using the traditional Whatsapp app. But, since, this separate version targeted for business owners is now live; sure you get features dedicated for businesses that you can not normally see on the normal Whatsapp, you are running.

If you have a business you run, you can simply try the Business Whatsapp app so as to help you push more of your products to customers. What you get in the new Whatsapp Business app, is additional setup information on the profile page. Such as, Email Address, Store link Address, Website information and also Business description; which helps to showcase your business info to your customers.

Whatsapp Business app, also comes with Messaging tools like the Standard version, which lets users send inquiries for answers to be provided on a specific query like, FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions), Greeting Notifications to Customers, Leave Messages. The Whatsapp Business account we have like a bold pass to help users identify its business account with also verification made by Whatsapp team, to ensure customers are dealing with the legit owners.

Features of Whatsapp Business app

  • Business Profile
  • Quick Replies
  • Automated Messages
  • Message Stats
  • Quick Messaging

How to Install Whatsapp Business on Android

Whatsapp Business app is available to be downloaded and installed by people running on the Android operating system via Playstore. If you have a Samsung phone, Xiaomi, Huawei, Tecno, Infinix, etc. You can get the apk file via the link provided below. Or simply, go to Google PlayStore inside your smartphone, make a query with: “Whatsapp Business”, click and install straight to your android device.

Download Install Whatsapp Business Edition apk

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