Unboxing Xiaomi Mi Piston Earphone-Review

Xiaomi Millet Piston EArphone:

If you are looking to get yourself an earphone of budget price, simplistic design, high bass, and sleek at the outside; then, the Millet Piston won’t disappoint. I spent around $7 to get the device shipped to my door steps in Nigeria. You too can get yours; would share with you at the post end how I got mine.

So I got a Millet Piston earphone and so far it has been working great and would recommend it as a sure bet for your money. The audio quality is cool. Doesn’t bug your hears and on high bass music, you feel the vibes. Yeah! you feel the sound quality, like you are inside of a theater!.

The Xiaomi Millet Piston earphone comes in a variety of color, like 5 basic colors if am not mistaking. Comes in black, White, Purple, Pink and Skye blue variants. The earphone comes with a mic and earpiece at the Right top side. Both housed in one button enclosure. So you can basically receive phone calls without the need to stretch the mic near your mouth. Just listen and reply your calls as in the way you would normally talk to someone at your front.

Use the pause/play button to toggle between playing an audio/video or pausing.

The Millet Piston earphone is one of the best earphone’s out there you can get for around $7, considering the price for the specs you get.

Unboxing Millet Piston Earphone

Here, will share with you some random photos taken of the Millet Piston earphone. During the unbox. I got a white one though. Just to create color harmony between a Nexus phone. Ok!

#1. You got the cover with a Mi logo below.
#2. There is extra rubber attachments inside of the box. Just in case the default one got removed. You can easily replace.
#3. Here we go with the Pause/Play button
#4. When the Pause/Play button is inverted. You see a little hole…That is the mic.
#5. More clearer viewUnboxing Xiaomi Mi Piston Earphone-Review
#6. Another snapshot of the millet piston earphone
#7. Flat view of the Millet Piston earphone, so you have a measurement of what the length is like
#8. Xiaomi Millet Piston earphone and Google Nexus: the duo works well!

Final Verdict

Pros of the Xiaomi Millet Piston Earphone:

  • Pretty Design
  • Cheap and Affordable.
  • Nice Finish
  • Variety of color variants to choose
  • Sleek design
  • Positioning of mic convenient

Cons of the Xiaomi Millet Piston Earphone:

  • No Volume up or Down
  • No active noise cancellation

How to buy the Xiaomi Millet Piston Earphone

You can get it from thousands of online retailers stores on the web. But, you have to be careful in order to get the genuine original earphone. I got mine from Aliexpress. And here are steps below:

However you get the Millet Piston shouldn’t be the most important thing. Whats important is getting the original version. Well I have provided a follow through guide of how I got mine shipped to my location above. You can use this method, or use any other convenient retailer to get the earphone.

If you want me to create stuffs like this, indicate by sharing the post to friends and commenting below. I just felt I should try a review…And I guess this was my first. So, if you have read everything to this point! sorry if the whole writing kind of sucks! and thanks for going through the post! Safe!.

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