How to Effectively Shop from ALIEXPRESS

How to Effectively Shop from ALIEXPRESSHave you ever shopped from ALIEXPRESS before? I have shopped for school bags before from ALIEXPRESS.

Have also shopped for numerous electronic stuffs for my engineering DIY’s. I have shopped for a lenovo phone and many other stuffs.

So for people who are feeling unsafe, shopping with ALIEXPRESS, then I will guarantee you that your money is save because have had numerous shopping experience with ALIEXPRESS using my MASTER CARD that ended with satisfaction.

ALIEXPRESS connects sellers with buyers. When you are shopping from ALIEXPRESS it means you are connecting with bunch of sellers that are willing to offer products of different qualities, prices and shipping terms.

What ALIEXPRESS, does is that when you order for an item and pay, it doesn’t give the money to the seller directly.

They create like a virtual system where the money is kept, so when the item has been confirmed by you to have been received, you can then acknowledge that the item has been delivered, next, the money will disbursed to the seller.

This system lets you withdraw and get your money back from any buying activity that had been initiated between you and a seller. The system immune’s the buyer from any mishap in the process of transaction.

What this means is that, when you decide you are not buying an item again after initiating a transaction with a seller, you will get your money back within a speculated period of time, simple.

For steps on shopping using the Aliexpress mobile app, use this guide.

Steps to effectively Shop from ALIEXPRESS

  1.  Goto and register for an account. Sign up and confirm your email and all that. Keep note of your email and password, because the email address and password is what you will be using for subsequent logins.
  2.  Go to your DASHBOARD and create an address for item delivery under my shopping Address.
    How to Effectively Shop from ALIEXPRESS

    Next, fill the details of the shopping delivery address with accurate information on the corresponding fields in the image below:

    How to Effectively Shop from ALIEXPRESS

    The three most important accurate detail you need provide in address are the “State/Province/Region”, “City” and “Zip/Postal Code”. The postal code is very important, because it will signify the postal office code or address you want your item to be delivered to. In fact, the most important thing is the POSTAL CODE, because it contains in detail, the ping point address of delivery.

    For people shopping from Nigeria I will drop a small tip by the end of the post of how you can effectively set your postal code to match up your present location.

  3. Select or Search any item you want to shop for from a whole lots of items. You may use category filter to target specific items based on the amount, popularity, most shopped and best deals. You may add the items to Cart or like it for later.
    So, an item with 5 stars sure’s ascertain the legitimacy of the seller and the positive feed back just complements everything. So, you should be looking for items with tagged with at least a 3 star and 70 percent positive remark.You can also search for similar products from different merchants.How to Effectively Shop from ALIEXPRESS
  4.  Check every detail of the item like Quality, Photos, Number of Stars it has, Percentage of positive feedback and other details that ascertain how legit and degree of quality from the ratings.
  5.  Use the Buy Now option, apply a coupon or discount to slash the price a little, that is if you have any coupon.
  6. Then select your preferred shipping method for delivery. There are some items that offer free shipping delivery.  Either you opting for free delivery or paid, there are shipping services you get from a drop down list, choose your most preferred. See image below:
    How to Effectively Shop from ALIEXPRESSAny of the shipping methods, CHINA MAIL, DHL, EMS, FEDEX, you choose have speculated delivery period. If your item have the free shipping option. Then it’s possibly that it’s either SINGAPORE MAIL or CHINA MAIL delivery that it has been set to by default. But, there are also other items you can get on ALIEXPRESS with free DHL, EMS and FEDEX shipping.After setting your shipping method, you will then see the sum total of total cost for the transaction by the side of the page.
  7. Place your order, this will take you to a page where you put your payment details. Usually using MASTER CARD.
  8. Next go back to your DASHBOARD to observer the progress of your initiated transaction. Every item that has been placed on order have tracking ID tagged on it. See image below:


The tracking number is number you will use to check the progress of your item as it journeys through different routes. There are usually two-way to track the progress of the item you had ordered for.

The first one is using the WEBSITE TRACKING SYSTEM of the posting method you had earlier used for the order. From the image above you will observe mine is CHINA MAIL. And you will also observe the link was provided.

The second method of TRACKING the item you ordered for, on ALIEXPRESS is by using your destinations POSTAL ADDRESS TRACKING system, this is applicable to only people who want to receive their item through their local postal service system. That is, if you want to receive your item through a nearby post office in your vicinity, this is highly recommended for people leaving in NIGERIA who had initiated delivery through Free shipping using CHINA MAIL or SINGAPORE MAIL.

In both cases, you copy the TRACKING NUMBER that has been assigned to the item you ordered for then go to either Websites of tracking delivery and search for the TRACKING option. Now, paste the code in the field provided to track your item.

So if you have decided to receive your item through your nearest post office close to your house, like for people shopping in Nigeria. You can apply both methods to effectively track the progress of your item.

How to Set your Delivery Address in Nigeria when shopping on ALIEXPRESS

To effectively Shop from ALIEXPRESS in Nigeria when Free Delivery option had been set through CHINA or SINGAPORE MAIL, just use this timp.

When some people shop on ALIEXPRESS  from Nigeria, they find it very difficult to know the present location of their item or how to receive the products that has already been delivered.

Most times, the product have been delivered already for a very long time without the buyer knowing how to retrieve the product.

Therefore, to effectively track your products you had ordered from ALIEXPRESS.

Use the tips below and make sure you use correct POSTAL CODE in addressing your nearest location.

This becomes a must, if you had chose using the FREE DELIVERY option usually by CHINA MAIL or SINGAPORE MAIL.

Aliexpress Delivery Address Settings:


  1. The first thing to note on this one is the POSTAL ADDRESS as explained in step 2 above. Make sure the postal address specified pings to your Nigeria address. i.e. Go to any near by post office near your house and demand for their postal code. In Nigeria you can use NIPOST.
  2. See this image below to see how I filled the POSTAL CODE field in the Addressing option in step 2.

    How to Effectively Shop from ALIEXPRESS

    From the image you will observe the POSTAL CODE I used for the item is 81006. I had gone to the postal office closest to me, to seek for their postal code.

    In your own case too, if you are in Nigeria using the Free shipping option go to your nearest post office and ask for their POSTAL CODE.

  3. What this means is that you will receive your item through the post office when the item has been delivered.
  4. If you had set your delivery in Nigeria using NIPOST office close to your house. What you do next is after your transaction is in progress and you feel it should have gotten to Nigeria, you copy the TRACKING NUMBER given to your item, then go to the NIPOST website click this link or use this link directly. If you are using the first link, Locate the option of Tracking from the website. You may have two options shown, INTERNATIONAL TRACKING and LOCAL TRACKING, use INTERNATIONAL TRACKING. See image below:


Next, copy the TRACKING NUMBER assigned on your product order and paste as in the image below, then submit:11

If the page reloads without returning any detail, it means your item hasn’t gotten to Nigeria.

But, in some cases it may have arrived Nigeria, but wasn’t able to be index on the site.

So the best way to know, is to go to post office to confirm. If it has gotten to Nigeria the tracking details will appear and the present place of the item will be displayed, it usually starts from Lagos then ends in which ever state you live in Nigeria.

If you had decided to receive items using a nearby post office in Nigeria that isn’t NIPOST.

Simply, go to their website to TRACK your order using the TRACKING NUMBER.

See details of the item I tracked on ALIEXPRESS using NIPOST web tracking in the image below.

The address used for the delivery was my home address, while the POSTAL Code, used was NIPOST office postal code that was near my home.

This means the item will arrive Nigeria in Lagos, then it will sent to the state I reside, then eventually to NIPOST office near my home, whose POSTAL CODE I add used for addressing my delivery.

From the image below, you will observe that the item has already been delivered to the POSTAL office named NGMINN through NGLOSA.

But wasn’t able to be delivered at my home’s door step, its a normal thing when using the Free Shipping option through CHINA MAIL or SINGAPORE MAIL via NIPOST office nearer to you.

It means my item was forwarded from Lagos NIPOST, NGLOSA to the NIPOST close to my home tagged NGMINN.

Therefore, to receive my item I just need to take a walk to the POSTAL OFFICE close to my home, whose POSTAL CODE I had used in addressing the delivery as shown from the beginning of the post.

How to Effectively Shop from ALIEXPRESS

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  1. Winner

    The only reason am always afraid to buy on online international store is because of complaints i have heard about been waiting for months before one could get his or her order.please for how long did you waited?

  2. I doubt it takes that long for orders to be delivered except if you did not spell out your delivery address well . nice tips keep the good work on,

  3. Farouk

    @winner,In ALIEXPRESS some products comes tagged with free shipping using DHL or EMS which should arrive as fast as possible like within 2 to 3 days or 1 week. Other product may be tagged with free shipping via CHINA MAIL OR SINGAPORE MAIL which takes about a month, in some cases 3 weeks. The period of delivery is usually placed in the dashboard.
    For faster delivery you can set a paid DHL or EMS with products that doesn’t have the free shipping option.

    1. Winner

      Ok thanks for your reply! And also @susan

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