Prisma Filters now on Facebook Live Videos

prisma-filters-now-on-facebook-live-videos1Prisma Filters now on Facebook Live Videos.
Prisma now works with Facebook Live Videos thanks to the improvement of the AI artistic photo filter application which has since improved ever since its inception. Prisma photo filters has now gone beyond application of filters on a photo, to give that photo a totally different look but, also now had impressively extended support for it’s artistic filters on videos. To be specific, videos that are streaming live on Facebook. Sadly, you can only video prima-ize exclusively on iOS. To be more specific, the new iPhone models, iPhone 6 and iPhone 7. But, should also roll out to other devices later on. All of Android users!, sorry Prisma video filter coming soon.

To try out the new Prisma video filter, simply, update Prisma app on iOS or download a fresh one from the app store if Prisma isn’t installed on your device. If you have iPhone 6 and iPhone 7, what are you waiting for, try Prisma video Prisma. If you haven’t really got what Prisma is all about, then read this quickie. Sorry, meant quickly on Prisma photo filterings.

If you have read and still didn’t get grasp of what Prisma is all about, then the image below should do the trick.

Normal IMAGE

After applying Prisma photo filter, image looks like this:

    PRISMA-IZED IMAGE               prisma-filters-now-on-facebook-live-videos

Now you know all about Prisma filters. Applied one filter on the image to turn the look into a prima-ized artistic piece. Also pretty mediocre at applying prisma filters…… you can see its not that impressive, some one come teach me how to use prisma filters. Ok, basically for Prisma video filters, we should expect something close to the likes of the image filtering.

Facebook has also announced earlier it will unveil AI powered art filters, Caffe2GO tech for its mobile application. Google also doesn’t what to be left outta of the filter game, the big tech giants also announced their own style technology on October, 2016 which is also primarily based on neutral networks. That not withstanding, Prisma seems to be ahead of other competing apps with the rate at which it’s advancing from photo filtering to video, to GIF’s, compounded reality and now also live streaming.

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