How To Opt Out From Unknown MTN Subscriptions

How To Opt Out From Unknown MTN Subscriptions

This post is all about How To Opt Out From Unknown MTN Subscriptions. Heres an easy way to opt out from some subscriptions you may not even know had existed on your MTN Sim Card. Which may incur charges you may or may not be aware of.

Opt Out From Unknown MTN Subscriptions Sucking your Credit

So if you want to see all services you are subscribed to, on your MTN SIM and possibly opt out from some. Simply dial the code:

  • *123*5*1#

and reply with 2 to see your active subscriptions.

Reply with the respective number of each active subscriptions you would like to unsubscribe and finally hit 1 to unsubscribe. Repeat same process, to opt out from multiple MTN subscriptions.

For a more clearer explanation using images, see the procedures below:

*123*5*1# and select 2.

How To Opt Out From Unknown MTN Subscriptions

Select the number of service you want to unsubscribe from e.g 2      Music Plus Free Plans

How To Opt Out From Unknown MTN Subscriptions

If you want more tips and tricks related to MTN network, it may interest you to have a look at this.

MTN provides one of the best service in the Nigeria mobile network space. And by far almost the best Telecom operator in Nigeria when it comes to network reliability.

MTN has also being the center of introduction of new standards in the Telecom space, like the Recent 5G advocacy. And we have also seen various inputs the network has done in terms of Internet Data Bundles.

There is scarcely any subscriber in the country that doesn’t have a MTN line, as a backup option. This can be attributed to the fact, that the network was able to grab the market share earlier, being one of the pioneers of telecom in Nigeria.

Also in terms of data plans and network tariff, MTN have been quite dependable and one of the most reliable. They have been able to amass the network with the most subscribers, followed by Airtel network.

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    Thanks so much I’m really grateful for helping out of a problem I get myself into

  2. Armstrong

    Thank you so much i have deactivated more than five subscription that totally wort about 250 naira everyday.

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