How To Stop Receiving Annoying MTN Messages in your Inbox

This post is all about, How To Stop Receiving Annoying MTN Messages on your Inbox.

Annoying MTN Messages

Its sometimes worrisome the manner at which some adverts or the likes keeps popping up in your inbox. Usually without user discretion. These streams of messages clocking up your inbox, as a result taking up a larger stack of your incoming messages. May overhelm your important personal messages, from quickly being noticed in your inbox. Manually deleting them may be a daunting task…Probably you have up to a 100 of such messages!! Yes, its mere exaggeration but, its highly probable.

Stop MTN Annoying Messages

If you are stock with what next to do. Don’t worry you are save.

You not alone!


Code To Stop MTN Annoying Messages

Goto your message and Text STOP to 33111
Relax get your self some glass of water until you receive a message that reads  “You will be removed from our campaign database within 24hrs. Thank you”

Note: Only applicable for users on MTN network. Wait….you shouldn’t be reading this in the first place, if you are not on MTN network.

Don’t worry if you are not on MTN network and require a quick fix for such issues. Just send me a comment below.

How To Stop Receiving Annoying MTN Messages on your Inbox

How To Stop Receiving Annoying MTN Messages on your Inbox

When you apply all of the steps and procedures given in this post, you would be able to stop any MTN pop up advertisement or message you deem fit.

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Most users would either prefer an option is given where they could easily subscribe to a service and unsubscribe for the service.

Well, this post covers all you would need to know and the steps it takes that you can easily use to unsubscribe for any MTN messages or adverts you might want to stop from appearing incessantly in your device inbox.

Prior to this, some subscribers have been wanting to know the steps of how they can unsubscribe for a network service, that were automatically subscribed by them without knowing, when a notification pops up and they couldn’t take their time to read, but instead, had clicked on subscription.

Therefore, this piece of information takes care of all that.

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  1. Usman Idris

    Free tip nice one.

  2. Shane Scheepers

    I finally got the ANNOYING MTN “??% dicount. WoW!…” message licked. There is no way Mtn complies to stop this crap, even following various unsubscribe methods. The solution…
    1. Open the sms from them
    2. Copy the text
    3. Go back to sms menu and select “MORE”
    4. Select “Settings”
    5. Select “Block messages”
    6. Select “Blocked phrases”
    7. Copy selected text in the “Phrase” section
    8. Select the “+” sign (You will have to do this with each individual message until all the possible %’s have been blocked.
    9. You’re done, and you are welcome!

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