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Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch: 


Fitbit, popularly known for their fitness wearables, now have introduced the first smartwatch in their release lineup, Fitbit Ionic. Fitbit Ionic is the first smartwatch from the Company running on customized operating system. The operating system employed in Fitbit Ionic is referred to as Ionic OS, is a custom OS designed by the Company and the first to be run on a smartwatch.


Ionic OS, will compete with the likes of Android Wear and Tizen; both already dominant in the smartwatch market. Fitbit, has already established a name for its self in the wearable market and shouldn’t be rocket science to go head on with other watch OS.


Specification Features of Fitbit Ionic


Fitbit Ionic, comes with impressive features. Like, you can go more than 4 days on a single charge via the multi-day battery life feature. Ionic, can run for up to 10 hours of utilizing GPS for different purposes, including GLONASS. You can set the device to different modes: Swimming and Training. Fitbit Ionic, will also be coupled with an Audio Coaching system which can be updated on the device.


The smartwatch, is water resistant. And can take stay up to 5ominutes when Swimming mode is activated.  Also, comes inside of it, an inbuilt optical heart rate sensors. Which shows readings of heart rates in real-time when training and also when not training.


Ionic, is packed with a 2.5GB onboard storage capacity. You can store store up to 500 audio music for offline application. Comes with Bluetooth support. You can also synchronize your files on cloud, like the Pandora application.


Fibit Ionic runs the Ionic OS, you can receive notifications from Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook etc. The smartwatch in addition also, runs other application like Accweather and Pandara. In addition, also comes with built in payment system, with support for the likes of: Mastercard, Visa etc.


Price of Fitbit Ionic


Fitbit Ionic smartwatch is going for $300, and can be obtained from online malls like, Bestbuy and Amazon

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