Etisalat DND lets you unsubscribe from disturbing ads

etisalat-dndEtisalat DND lets you unsubscribe from disturbing ads.
You have Etisalat line, if those advertisement messages you get in your inbox, in any way becomes annoying or disturbing. Well you ain’t alone, here’s a quick way to put an end to all those never ending ads that pops in your inbox there and then. Send sms Stop to 2442, simple. No need to sue them telcos, cause it seems its been like a sue spree of lately. Some one sued MTN, another sued Airtel. No need for that simply send Stop to 2442 on your Etisalat Line if you become uncomfortable with the advertisements in your inbox.

Etisalat DND stands for: Do Not Disturb. This service will allow Etisalat customers unsubscribe from receiving unsolicited ad messages and calls. DND can be applied on your Etisalat Line in two variant:

Full Blacklist: Customers can easily unsubscribe from all third party adverts by simply sending SMS, Stop to 2442.

Partial Blacklist: This allows Etisalat customers to unsubscribe from specific ads categories by sending SMS using specific opt-out message format. To see all the sms format for unsubscribing from specific ad category simply send SMS, LIST to 2442. 

Unsubscribe from Specific ad category codes:

The following SMS keywords can be used to set your DND ( Do Not Disturb) preference for Etisalat Lines.

  • Banking, Insurance and Financial Products >>>> 1 to 2442
  • Real Estate >>>> 2 to 2442
  • Education >>>> 3 to 2442
  • Health >>>>>4 to 2442
  • Consumer goods and Automobiles >>>> 5 to 2442
  • Communication/Entertainment/IT >>>6 to 2442
  • Tourism  >>>> 7 to 2442
  • Sports >>>> 8 to 2442
  • Religion >>>> 9 to 2442
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