Airtel 1 GB Weekend Data Sub based on eligibility

airtel-weekend-100Airtel 1 GB Weekend Data Sub based on eligibility.
This Airtel Weekend sub works from Friday to Sunday. That means you can’t use it on Monday, Tuesday……..Thursday even when you have subscribed. The Airtel Weekend bundle offers 1 GB for 100 Naira which is based on eligibility.

Try it Now: Dial *474*1# @100 Naira

To subscribe recharge 100 Naira on your Airtel Line. Next, dial *474*1#. 100 Naira will be deducted, you get 1 GB internet data bundle to access all web stuff. You can as well tether via USB or Wirelessly to other devices, PC and other mobile phones.

If for any reason your Airtel Line happens not to be eligible—you get a message like Not enough balance. But, don’t worry their also other data bundles to opt for. Squeeze some time out to check them out here…………………..LINK.

Airtel network is one of the best mobile network in terms of data subscription when you compare it to the major telcos in Nigeria.

The 4G network of Airtel has been superb, also the data bundles is quite robust and offer much bonus. When you subscribe for a internet data bundles with Airtel, you get 100 percent bonuses in addition with other bonuses, when you send “GET” to “141“.

In terms of speed and download rate on both LTE and HSPA, Airtel network has continued to awe users in Nigeria.

It is by far one of the fastest telecom network in terms of downloading in the country.

When you get a fresh Airtel SIM and register, there are bonuses for surfing the internet that comes alongside it. Like the 200 Naira 1GB bundles for 2 weeks. When you send GET to 141 upon activation of your bonus. You then send *141# for data subscription. When you subscribe for the 200 Naira plan under MY OFFERS, you get bonus and in addition to your data subscription.

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