How To Stop Receiving All Disturbing MTN Advertisement

 Stop All  MTN Disturbing Adverts

How To Stop Receiving All Disturbing MTN Advertisement

First, I know how you feel right now!. Just like the image above. You have been angered!, You have been scorned!, You have been disturbed!, You have been………………through everything annoying by these incessant MTN ads sprawling into your inbox non-stop, day in and day out. Sure!, you don’t want to take such a step by the guy in the image. But, at least you would wish those MTN ads get some bullets, I mean a stop bullet!.  Well!, you are at the right place, at the right time. Check this below:


After the Zillions fined on  MTN Nigeria by NCC.  Finally You can now opt out from disturbing Adverts crawling into your inbox…..
Dial *123*5*4#.


The good news is that you can Now Opt out from unnecessary and disturbing MTN adverts. You may like to see How To Opt Out From Unknown MTN Subscriptions. That means your inbox will now be free from the likes of 4100,33070,5010,32043, 32704,32705,33333 and so on.


If you would want a clearer view of an image; the steps required to stop disturbing MTN ads, then see the below:


How To Stop Receiving All Disturbing MTN Advertisement


How To Stop Receiving All Disturbing MTN Advertisement

Dial *123*5*4# then select 1 to deactivate…………….save a friends inbox today by sharing with others!!!


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With this you only now get to receive important messages from friends, colleagues…………Business partners, instead of unnecessary adverts clogging your inbox and overhelming it, up to the extent you don’t get to see very important messages.

Get Stuffs Like this, to Ur' Inbox:


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  1. JOHN

    Cool nd nice we ar free 4rm mtn disturbance

  2. farouk

    The whooping fine they paid to Nigerian government didn’t come as a surprise.

  3. I need to know how to stop airtel from forceful subscription.

  4. Anonymous


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