Download Opera Neon Concept Browser with Whatsapp Support

Opera Neon is a concept desktop browser from Opera which comes with features, you won’t normally see in a normal browser. The new update lets you pin messages from messenger (Facebook) into your desktop browser.

And also, lets you pin Telegram and Whatsapp Chat as well. Pinned applications are usually located on the sidebar alongside other main tab items.

The desktop browser allows for drag and drop of images from your local folder to messenger icon.

Other feature include, the Split screen mode, Screen shot, Video pop out and player. Download Opera Neon Concept Browser with Whatsapp SupportOpera Neon also comes with variety of shortcuts which lets for easy navigation of the app by simply using the keyboard buttons. More details from Opera Neon.

Download Opera Neon Concept Desktop Browser 37MB

Opera Neon Concept Desktop Browser Download

Opera browser is one of the top browsers in the world that various people use on a daily basis.

The Neon Browser is pretty sleek and fast loading. When you open the broser at first use, you get different icons which shows you your bookmarked web pages from various web resources.

You can decide to add your favorite websites to the quick menu. Also.

It also has a search bar where you can input various queries you like that can be searched by Google, Bing etc. But, the default search is Though you can change it.

By the top left side of the Neon Browser their are quick icons to explore various stuffs you want on the browser. Like downloads, settings, media files etc.

The visual tabs, speed dial and omnibox are other impressive feature of the browser. You can also use your computer wall paper on the Neon browser. Or get other fun wall papers from the Neon Directory.

Another cool feature of the browser, is the Snap to Gallery feature. Which literally lets you snap, crop and save images on the web to make for a cool browsing experience.

You can also do split screen mode. This helps you to do multi-tabs at the same time. You can easily browse web contents simultaneously.

This is useful when you need to copy a web repository to another another web archive.

It also has an inbuilt video player. Which can pop out. You can use for Youtube and to play other media files also.

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