Airtel Nigeria internet Configuration settings APN[Updated]

This post is all about Airtel Nigeria Internet Configuration settings that users can quickly use to setup their smartphone or any device that routes to the internet via the Airtel SIM provisioning. “Airtel Nigeria internet Configuration settings APN”.

It contains the configuration settings and the codes to enter in the settings to configure the device for internet browsing via Airtel.

Though, Airtel SIM automatically configures any device for internet browsing when activated, but knowing how to configure manually is also advantageous, most especially in situations that you to configure a particular parameter.

Airtel Nigeria Internet Configuration Settings [Updated]

Here is a Quick settings to configure on any device running Airtel Nigeria sim card for connectivity over the internet. These settings for any reason, if not automatically configured on your device, then you can use it for manual configuration.

To configure these settings to your device, to run your Airtel SIM over the internet. Use the procedure below, on your Android device, Modem, or any other smartphone variants.

Simply locate your internet settings or access point settings and input this manually.

Airtel Nigeria internet Configuration settings APN

  • Name: any name
  • APN(Access Point):
  • username: internet
  • password: interent

all other fields should be left unchanged except in the case of:

Authentication type: PAP or CHAP  should be selected.

airtel internet

Voila!, that is the full settings for Airtel Internet. When properly configured your device, should connect to the internet afterwards. If you want details of Airtel Internet Data bundles, check out the link given below:

Airtel Internet Data Bundles Codes

Airtel Network is one of the most reliable network operators in the country in terms of Internet connectivity over the years.

They have been very consistent in terms of maintaining a fast internet connection and reliability.

Airtel in Nigeria are known as the smartphone network due to various offers and how the network has proven to be reliable and good for the internet.

The advent of 4G and 5G networks in the Nigeria space has also been a good catalyst for the encouragement of more people to connect to the internet.

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  1. I just tried out the new Airtel Nigeria internet configuration settings and they seem to work great! I’m glad they’ve finally updated their APN settings.

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