40 Optimised Lite Versions of Android Apps to Save Memory-Data-Battery Life

40 Optimised Lite Versions of Android Apps to Save Memory-Data-Battery Life40 Optimised Lite Weight Versions of Android apps for small phones:

In this post, we would list out 40 Optimised Lite Versions of Android Apps to Save Memory-Data-Battery Life and to optimise the storage space of your device.

Here we go with the 40 Optimised Lite Versions of Android Apps to Save Memory-Data-Battery Life

These apps are especially for smartphones with lower RAM specs, like android phone with 512MB RAM.

Running heavy weight apps on such phones might stretch the device and hinder it from optimal performance by constantly seizing/freezing when in use.

To minimise this, we could opt for installing lite versions of various apps instead.

The light weight-lite versions of these apps will consume less data, save more space, helps get the best out of your android phones battery and also reduces slowness.

If you are own fast pacy high tech spec android phones with 4GB RAM and above, you can also give this lite versions a try to enjoy their simplicity.

Google as seen the relevance of lite versions of apps on feature low speced smartphone, in fact, they have been at the fore front, this can be exemplified from lite weight Android Operating System introduced by the tech Giant, that is the Android Go OS.

The light weight version of the OS, tries to make everything run faster on lower end smartphones. With Google’s built in apps, like Google Assistant, Youtube, Google Maps, Gmail, Chrome, Gboard all coming in their Go versions (Lite versions).

So if you need more light versions of your favourite popular android apps other than the default one you would find in the android operating system.

40 Optimised Lite Versions of Android Apps to Save Memory-Data-Battery Life

Just follow the list below to get them to your device, these apps will strive to eliminate too much lag feel when using your device, will save you more space for other stuffs.

Also helps reduce battery drain and also minimise internet data consumption rate especially on metered networks.

Without further ado, lets delve into the listing, ok!:

40 Lite Versions of Android Apps:

#1.  Facebook Lite:

Facebook Lite is works or any android device. Whether you have a small feature android phone or a beastly high end android phone.

It works by saving you cost of data while minimizing RAM usage by only providing you with pretty much all the basics function you would require out of Facebook.

To get the Facebook Lite running on your android isn’t difficult. Just go straight to android Play Store. Search for Facebook Lite by typing in the search field. Install the app.

#2. Operamini:

Operamini app also has the lite version in which everything kind of simplified to suit small android phones with low specs.

Easy navigation bar, Fast page loading, Simplified interface, Image Compression, Data savings and Ad blocking makes this app one of the most sort out in terms of browsers for most android users.

There is hardly any android device you wouldn’t find traces of operamini inside it. So, if you don’t have this tiny browser app, installed on your device.

Simple follow the link on the title or go ahead with the default method via Play Store, to get Operamini running in no time.

#3. Messenger Lite:

With the lite version of Messenger app, you can do just about what you would normally do on the bigger Messenger.

Just that this lite version comes with a trimming down, optimizations and a weightless feel.

The primary intent was to enable regions with slower internet and 2G network be able to connect with friends via Messenger too.

#4. Camera 360 Lite:

For the selfie inclined, Camera 360 app is one common multimedia application to find on a photo lover phone.

The Lite version comes with smaller MB to suite for lite OS and phones with small specs.

You get most of the basic beauty functionalities as you would get in the full version.

The app is an entirely free one to use, just like all other apps listed before this one.

#5. UC BrowserMini:

UC Browser Mini is one browser app out there that one can hardly ignore if you are into downloads. Whether you want to download movies, videos, music, files and more.

UC Browser helps with a speedy download. Mini light weight version provides a very smooth UI, easy to go along and use.

You get functionalities, like ability to change themes, UI, Set Night mode etc Plus, the speedy loading of web pages when surfing through various URLs.

#6. Twitter Lite:

Just like Facebook Lite, Twitter also provides the option of the light weight lite version.

You get all of the functionalities and basics to keep in tab with the trending topics on Twitter, channels, friends and feeds.

The UI is simplistic and the size in MB is smaller.

RAM  consumption is less as you can maximize your phones resources by doing other stuffs and not minding it slows downs.

#7. Linkden Lite:

The popular social-job media engine where you get to share your intellects as well as social aspects of oneself to the world.

Ensuring you get to connect with the people and organization that relates to what you are finding, your job niche and career driven interest.

The light weight lite version of this app brings along everything you would need to connect to the Linkden space in one small piece.

The UI, Nav Menus and functionalities are on point. You get do exactly what you would have done in the web version in a simplistic interface.

#8. Skype Lite:

Skype Lite may be of a surprise to some folks owing that how possible it is to get a lite version of video chat app. But, yes, we also have lite version of Skype too.

Which tries not to limit the video calling experience to only region with fast internet, but, being able to accommodate for region also with slower network connection via the lite version.

This version helps you connect to people via video, just as in you would normally do on the desktop or standard phone version.

You get to navigate through the sections of the app, chat up friends, make calls and connect with people seamlessly even on low end devices in slow internet locations too.

#9. Youtube Go:

Youtube Go sprang out from no where and one of the most downloaded light weight apps on Playstore especially from regions with slow internet connections.

Youtube Go is very simplistic in the user interface design. Straight to point, type some stuffs in the field…you get to find favorite and trending videos from your location.

One Cool feature about Youtube Go, is the ability to save videos for later. You can download Youtube videos with it by just a click of a button.

Watch the video on your device for later. YouTube Go is scarcely up to 10MB in size. You can imagine how small the size is as compared to other standard apps.

The size and RAM usage is an easy take for low end feature phones with lower RAM sizes.

#10. Picturen Lite:

Picturen is another photo app just like Camera 360, but this one, is more of a photo viewer and gallery application.

You can do GIF stuffs, Play videos via the inbuilt players and even lock some private pictures by employing the use of a password.

The light weight version, Lite Picturen, comes with the basics and pretty much the functionalities you would get on the standard version.

Plus comes with the advantage of taking less storage and RAM usage.

#11. 360 Security Lite:

360 Security is one popular security application for smartphones. You can try out the lite version of this app, if you are battling with RAM and memory optimization on your device.

You get the basic security features to protect your smartphone as well as regular scanning of the device to free up RAM space and memory space to accommodate for more stuffs.

Plus protect your smartphone from Virus infection, Malwares and malicious apps.

#12. Line Lite:

With Line Lite, you enjoy all of the functionalities of the standard version of voice and video calls, free messaging, cool sticker sharing, group conversations in a lighter package suitable for low end phones and as well high end devices.

#13. Shazam Lite:

Shazam is one old music application that have survived time. Dates back to time of java and symbian smartphones.

This music apps makes music search a lot easier. With a few clicks, you can get the names of songs.

The light version uses less data and consumes less phone storage with less RAM usage.

#14. Naked Browser

Naked Browser as the name suggest, comes with a very simplistic and minimalistic interface.

This one will hardly sum up to 1 MB. A browser app with a simple view that loads web pages in a breeze. Suitable for low end RAM phones.

#15. Ap15 Launcher Lite:

Looking for a launcher app that comes with lots of themes and functionality to try out, then Ap15 Launcher is worth the try.

The Launcher makers have gone a step further to bring to its users the lite, light weight version in a bid to provide flexibility.

Like any other launcher application the lite version built to accommodate small android devices with low RAM spec, Low Storage and less battery consumption.

#16. Mymail Lite:

Mymail lite is one cool app that brings all of your email clients in one simple pack. Combine all of your inbox in one single place to allow for more accessibility.

Built with simplicity and UI minimalistic design to fit for small screen.

With the lite version, you can manage all of your email accounts, GMAIL, YAHOO, OUTLOOK, iCLOD, LIVE, AOL, IMAP, POP3 etc

#17. Clean Master Lite:

As the name implies, quite popular in the utility category of mobile applications. The lite version is few megabytes in size, suitable for small devices with low specifications.

Clean Master helps takes care of all the unnecessary files that are consuming space on your device__Clears them and provide more space for your mobile storage.

It does this by performing scan of the entire device at intervals and taking necessary actions to fix any issue found.

Clean master helps to optimize battery, boost phones performance, acts as an antivirus and also junky file cleaner.

#18 . Parallel Space Lite:

Parallel Space isn’t something new, for people that have been running multiple social media accounts like, Whatsapp, IMO, Hello Talk, Twitter, Facebook etc on a single phone.

The standard version of the app, might face lag in performance due to the resources required to replicate the instances, therefore, the lite version came in to allow for devices with smaller RAM to use this app to run multiple apps in a single go.

#19. Amazon Kindle Lite:

This one shouldn’t be new to the ebook hobbyist. Amazon Kindle Lite is the light weight version of the normal Amazon reading app you used to.

Only thing, this one is small in MB size, suitable for slow internet connections and slower phones.

#20. CM Security Lite:

CM Security helps keeps your phone in fine working condition. Away from all the viruses, malware and all malicious applications.

Just like, 360 Security, Clean Master and all other antivirus utility android apps out there, CM Security does  similar stuffs, you have to try between all of em’ to know which one really works well on your perspective.

The lite version comes with a smaller MB size and specially built with small feature phones in mind. Phones with smaller RAMs and smaller storage space.

#21. Videoshow Lite:

Videoshow Lite is the tiny edition of the video editing app for mobile.

With this lite version you can perform pretty most of the basics functionalities as you would in the normal version like, reducing image size, compression, editing etc.

But comes with a simple user interface optimized for phones with lower specification.

#22. Gmail Go:

Gmail Go is the light weight version of the Gmail emailing client app everyone is used to. With Gmail Go, you can access your Gmail inbox in few clicks.

Specially built to work on low end devices on the Android Go OS.

#23. Google Maps Go:

Google Maps Go is another Googles app that comes preinstalled already in low end android devices. But, you can also get the Go version of Google Map also by using the PlayStore.

With the Go/Lite version of Google Maps you get to make use of the location function of your android device. You can use the Map to find places, know distances, get directions and also track your current location just like the standard edition.

But, this one is made to work well on small phones by providing simplicity of use and basic functions of the app required by users.

#24. Google Go:

Everyone knows what Google does…at least anyone that have used the internet before. So Google Go is the lite version of Google app.

The search engine on your device. Makes your work a lot easier on the web by bringing you relevant search results.

#25. Files Go:

Also another Google default app that comes with the android Go operating system for low end android phones.

The Files Go, is the normal file manager on your phone. But, a smaller version to work on low end phones.

#26.  Sweet Selfie Lite:

Sweet Selfie Lite is a cool photo app for mobile. You can take selfies via this app and customize it to your taste. Share selfies with friends on social networks.

The Lite version works seamlessly on low end phones.

#27. Photo Grid Lite:

Photo Grid Lite is also another cool photo app in the multimedia category. Makes accessibility to photo more fun and well arranged.

It is a gallery app, that makes you take more control and do more stuffs with your photos. Lite version of Photo Grid is optimized to work on phones with smaller Specs.

#28.  City Racing Lite:

City Racing Lite is the the light weight version of the game racing mobile application. You are not limited to playing simple games by the fact that you run a low end mobile phone with low RAM and processor speed, City

Racing Lite enables you to have a simple racing experience on your mobile phone.

#29. Feed Lite:

Want to keep tab with new happenings around the world, social media channels, web news etc. even on mobile phones with a small RAM, then, Feed Lite app helps do this.

By installing Feed Lite to your device, which takes very small storage on your phone, you are able to get current feeds on various feeds you add to your channel.

#30. Flash Lite:

The Flash Lite application converts the camera into a flash light in an instant. Though most mobile phones already come with a default flash light application.

But, there are still quite a number of devices, you find this really tiny utility app missing. This app is barely up to 1MB in size, suitable for tiny devices with tiny specs.

#31. Emoji Keyboard Lite:

This one adds more functionality to your normal keyboard. Allows you to take control over your keyboard and comes with lots of customizations and emojis to make typing more fun and a dynamic experience.

The lite version works seamlessly on mobile phones with smaller specs, easy to use and light weight.

#32. Dual Space Lite:

Dual Space Lite is a lighter version of the app that lets you run more than one social media account simultaneously on a single device.

The light weight, lite version provides the speediest installation, saves system resources, runs smoother and saves more space. Suitable for devices with low specification.

The user interface is simple and easy going. You can easily clone already running apps, run two Snapcats, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp etc all at same time.

#33. Battery Booster Lite:

The lite version of Battery booster is small in size for easy install on low end devices. The lite version does same work as the normal version but comes with a simplistic design to work on small phones.

The app main goal is to improve the battery efficiency of your device by performing background operation to cut down unnecessary processes that hinders the battery’s lasting abilities.

#34. Lite Music Player:

A simple version of music player application which is light in weight and easy to install. With Music Player Lite, you can take control over all your mp3s and other audio files via the app.

Create Playlist, listen to audio and organize and sort audio files into categories.

#35. App Lock Lite:

App Lock Lite, enables users to have more control over the privacy of their application.

You can easily lock your apps from prying eyes with password to only permit users with the key to get access to your apps.

The Lite version is small in size, consume less space and makes use of smaller system resources. If you are run a feature phone or small android device and want to try the app lock feature, then you should give App Lock Lite a try.

#36. Classic Note Lite:

Classic Note Lite is the light weight version of the note app, which lets you write down important stuffs or to do list on your device.

It enables you to keep notes on various stuffs either as a reminder or for a later date. Also comes with other features that complements the note taking function.

The app will run in virtually all android mobile phones seamlessly.

#37. Lite RSS Pro:

This one is a tiny paid version of RSS app. This takes your RSS experience to a new level by eliminating disturbing ads.

The app is simple, fast and light weight RSS feed Reader. Combine all of your favorite RSS feed in a single place. Just add your feeds and this app takes care of the remaining stuffs.

#38. Go Weather Lite:

Go weather lite is the tiny version of the weather showing app. This lets you know what the weather is like at the time of the day.

Go Weather Lite has a simple User Interface which lets you keep track of real time weather reports from reliable sources.

What the weather is like is also presented in the form of interactive graph and simple figures.

This small tiny light weight version of the app, is all you need for your small low end android device to keep tab of the weather.

#39. Status Saver Lite:

This is a tiny app, that allows you save people status (pictures, videos, gifs, notes) to your device without having to ask them to share to you.

Works on android devices with low specification. Consumes less resources, small in size and performs more faster.

You can get previous and recent status shared by a friend. You can re-post, make it as your wallpaper, save to you device or share over social media networks. What a cool app to try out on your mobile.

#40. PDF Utility Lite:

PDF Utility Lite is a tiny PDF utility that enable users tinker with PDF files, you can read through PDF’s and do quite a number of basic operation.

Also comes with split PDF functionality that enables segmentation of pages and creation of multiple PDF files.

So the lite list finally comes to a stop. All the lite apps listed are possibly the top lite apps on the Playstore as of the time of writing the post.

40 Optimised Lite Versions of Android Apps to Save Memory-Data-Battery Life

If any of your favorite apps, in the listings of the 40 Optimised Lite Versions of Android Apps to Save Memory-Data-Battery Life. Happen to skip the list, then, please drop it in the comment section below.

In conclusion, these lite app that made it to the list, would really help minimize your battery life, data usage and phone resources expended.

So if you find yourself using a feature android phone. Then, you should consider going with this lite versions of android apps instead to save your phone’s resources.

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