Top Important Photography Apps for iPhone IPad iOS Devices


You already know what this one does, perhaps shouldn’t be included in the list. Anyway, Instagram lets you capture and edit great images and then share them across your friends. Instagram can be seen as a social platform for sharing your photo gallery to online communities. Perhaps the best.

Since photos are meant for being shared in the first place, then, Instagram becomes a viable option to share your captures. With Instagram you can follow up people in your niche to see whats like they are doing via the pictures they upload. For example, an artist can follow up other talented artist on the platform to see varieties of inspiring work. The platform can be a learning one at the same time a social one.

Download Instagram app for the Iphone Ipad


Halide iPhone app transforms your photography on the iOS platform into an amazing one. With the custom high end tools, which allows for beautiful detailing during photo captures, thus, serving as a go-to camera.

Great photography calls for a great camera app, there are many great photography apps on the iPhone iOS Platform, Halide is one such app. This app combines all the essential features in a rather simplistic and easy to handle design.

In Halide you can change the manual focus, exposure and do other adaptive customizable controls inside of the app with respect to your needs. Tools which comes with the application include focus peaking, histogram, adaptive level grid and RAW support.

Features of Halide include, Intuitive gesture based interface, Focus peaking, Full manual controls, ISO and white balance, Live histogram for perfect exposure, RAW-JPG captures in best quality, Grid overlay, Quick Review of best last few photos. The app also comes with a 3*3 grid meter which helps for vertical and horizontal orientation of the photos.

Download Halide iPhone app  


Annotate app put simply, helps you capture, annotate, save and share photos or screenshots in simplistic manner. The app helps to markup images in order to emphasize a particular section of the picture by bringing attention to it.


Annotate app lets you draw a shape, draw arrows or write text onto the image. The app also comes with custom emoji which can be used on the image to provide additional taste or get your message across in an image.

Download Annotate iPhone app


Snapseed is an all in one photo editor developed by Google. The app is a complete and professional photo editing application on the iOS platform, iPHone and Ipad.

Snapseed provides for a wide range selection of variety of editing tools and options. The user interface is easy to navigate through and use. The built in RAW image editor works with both the built in camera and other external cameras used to capture an image.


Snapseed comes with lots of features easy enough for newbies to learn and go through. Key features of the app includes, 26 tools and filters, Works with RAW and JPG, Stack helps to re-adjust for later editing, Selective filter brush, Tweaking of styles with precise and fine controls, Help and How to use Guide which helps during the editing process.

Download Snapseed iOS iPhone app


This one lets you remove unwanted items from your images, simple. TouchRetouch offers tools that efficiently remove unwanted contents from your iPhone photos.

For example with TouchRetouch you can remove that annoying telephone lines or electric power lines which appears on you image, or any object that causes distraction. The app makes use of Algorithm which detects and remove object with just a touch on the screen. Tap a line you don’t want on an image, and have all of it removed seamlessly by TouchRetouch.

Here are the objects the app can remove from your image:

  • Removal of Telephone wires, posts or power lines.
  • Removal of surface breaks and scratches
  • Removal of photobombers
  • Removal of skin blemishes and pimples
  • Removal of human made objects like stop lights, trash cans, street signs
  • Removal of any other thing else.

Download TouchRetouch iOS iPone app


This app lets you edit images with film-like inspired filters alongside stack of professional tools to achieve the best photography editing experience. The app impresses with quality filters available for applying on photos.

To use VSCO, simply capture an image. Then enhance the image from favorite list of filters to get the look you want. Next, choose from available editing tools like, clarity, fade, skin tone, sharpen, saturation, temperature and others.

Each tools has manual adjustment to help you transform your photos to the manner you want it.

Download VSCO iOS iPhone app


Over app allows everyone become a designer. You can design greeting card, birthday cards, visualize an idea, promote an event, create inspirational quotes, make logos and watermarks, , album covers, instruction material, design event invites, make a meme, tell a story or express your feelings and a whole lots of other stuffs using the photo app.

Over lets you write custom texts on images which comes with variety of custom fonts and styles to select in order to get the kind of feel required. If you ever wanted to write a creative custom text on your image, then Over is the right app for you.

Download Over iOS app 


Powerful lens correction tool in the iOS store. The app is all purpose perspective and lens correction tool for symmetry lovers. You can correct horizontal lines and vertical lines as well as lens distortions for images taken. Comes with autocropping functionality feature, intuitive user interface and self help guide to carry you through every editing task.

Download SKRWT iOS iPhone iPad app 


This one is more of a social than an editing photo app. Some of its filters are what draws people attention to the app. Snap and share photos on the moment with friends. Comes with lots of filters to make the whole snapchatting process fun. Sharing photos is easy on  Snapchat, primarily meant for users to share photos of moments, events with friends or family.

Download Snapchat ios iPhone Ipad app

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