Top 7 Best Comic Ebook Readers Application for Android

Top 7 Best Comic Ebook Readers Application for AndroidComic Book Readers:


These days, many things are going the tech ways, from the way you write stuffs, to the way you view stuffs to the way you read stuffs. And books aren’t left out of the internet pro age. For Comic books, we have seen a sharp inclination in people interest towards online viewing.


Comic books that come in episodes or chapters, like, Japanese Manga’s, have even more addicted followers. As many rush online to get a dose of the latest episode released. You can not only read books, novel, documents on you tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, but, can also read comic book as well straight to your device.


All you need is simply get the right comic book that suits your device and taste. Here are the top 7 android comic book readers , you can install to your device. And available in the Google Play Store. Glimpse through the list to select your preferred android comic book reader:



Astonishing Comic Reader


No doubt this comic book reader is just one of the best out there. Its zooming ability to every nuts and bits is just incredible. Its simple straight to the point design is also a plus. You can easily organize all your to do reading in the app.

Fetch them from your phone or from a cloud storage and also supports the Google Casts feature in Google TV, this means you can simply extend your viewing to a larger screen to make the whole process fun and exciting.


Also provides for organizing comics in your desired style of collections. Coupled with a responsive and quick search feature to find comic books to read. And a lot more features. Simply download Astonishing Comic Book Reader to your device to have a feel. See link below:

Download Install Astonishing Comic Book Reader for Android



Comics Comixology


Comics Comixology is two in one app. First, you can use it to read comics and as well source for comics through subcription which gives you an unlimited access to database of comics.


Browse a comic, download and view to your device straight up. Read thousands of comics, manga and novels. Also has syncing support to other devices.

You can find comics from the likes of, Marvel, Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, IDW Publishing, BOOM! Studios, Dynamite Entertainment, Kodansha Comics, Oni Press, Valiant Entertainment, Archie Comics, Fantagraphics Books, Humanoids and many more.

Download Install Comics Comixology



Perfect Viewer


Perfect Viewer, offers readers with ability to work with many ebook formats. You can use this app to open EPUB format, CBZ format, CBR format, CB7 format, HTML Document as well as image files of various file compression. Also open files using FTP and CIFS/SAMBA.

Easily navigate through slides, providing variety of viewing options. You can stretch a comic book, view in full size, or zoom in or out to your preferred taste.  Options like, single page layout, dual page layout, wallpaper, slideshow and more.


Like Astonishing Comic Reader, Perfect Viewer, also allows for cloud storage to drive online. In addition you can also use the Chromecast support to extend to an external screen for viewing.

Download Install Perfect Reader



Comic Time Reader


Comic Time Reader, comes with Panel-by-Panel viewing layout which detects and process comic books in an orderly manner, easily sets this app as one of the best comic reader you can get on your device for absolutely free. The app also comes with Smart and Movie mode that provides you with additional functionality. Making the whole comic viewing process smooth and easy.

It is with out doubt, one of the comic readers on android platform worth give a try. With its optimization algorithm on comics, it can detect the inside of a comic and lay it out in readable immersive format. Give this app a try, via the the download link below.

Download Install Comic Time Reader



Comic Rack Free


Comic Rack Free app is optimized for mobile display and tablets. With this app, you can easily read any comic with lots of customization. If you have the Comic Rack Windows PC version you can also sync your PC comics to your android device via USB cable. Last read and other things you have done on your PC comics remains the same and unaffected.

You can also use widget to customize the comics and arrange you library into an eye-catchy one. Features like auto scrolling, multi-page viewing, advanced zooming, reading states and colour adjustment are also included.  Also comes with a live wallpaper which displays random covers from the library to spice the app up.

Download Install Comic Rack Free



Challenger Comic Viewer


Challenger Comic Viewer android comic book reader comes at no price, download install straight to your android device and start enjoying its cool features. The comic reader presents lots of custom options and settings to help users set the application to their preferred needs. It also comes with an help system that will help guide you through the app.

Read comic books, manga. View PDF files, documents, and other  file formats in simple way. You can navigate through comics. Comics, ebooks, PDF etc are loaded automatically to enable for easy viewing. Going to the next page does not require clicking.


You can arrange comic in vertical or horizontal scroll formats. You can cut the screen into two, one comic in the first and at the bottom. Automated page loading as well as multiple scrolling feature is also included. You can also import stuffs from your cloud storage or ftp connections.


Download Install Challenger Comic Viewer 



Moon+ Reader


Moon Reader should also come into the list, it’s coming into the list is due to its ability to open virtually any book format, you can ever think of. From, epub to pdf to mobi to chm. Formats like cbr, cbz, umd, fb2, txt, html, rar, zip, OPDS and more, can easily be viewed using this app.

With Moon Reader, you can read comic books via your android device, using its innovative, powerful controls and different functionality. Visual options like fading edges, alpha colours, shadow, line space, font scale etc. With variety of gestures and themes included to give for a fluid reading.


Download Install  Moon+ Reader 

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