PHCN-NEPA Prepaid Metre Bill: Pay Online Now in Easy Steps

Pay NEPA/PHCN Bill Online:

You can now pay for PHCN/NEPA Bill online easily. As payment of your Prepaid Metre Bill has been integrated online. No need going to PHCN office to pay bills again, no stress, no unnecessary queue, safe your time, save your transport, save your self the headache. Have some spare time for some spare things.


Simply pay for bills online in few clicks at the comfort of your home, office, …..Sure!, you need a mobile phone or computer with internet connectivity.


Not to forget, the Electricity Bill paying online is only possible when using the Prepaid Metre in your residence. Prepaid Metre is yet to be fully adopted in all homes and places across Nigeria. So, if you are among those with Prepaid Metre, you can easily pay for Electricity Bill online:


Here are 2 different methods to pay for your Electricity Bill online:


Paying PHCN/NEPA Bill via Website


  • Goto this website URL below on your smartphone or computer: or Click LINK
  • From the list of Electricity Companys logo that displays:
    Click on the Company’s logo that supplies you with power

  • Fill in details of your account in the form. Details include:
    Metre number, Plan Type, Mobile number and Naira Amount

NB: Ensure you enter a mobile number that is accessible to you. A 20 digits token will be sent to the mobile number for verification purpose.

  • Click on Continue
  • You account details is then verified
  • After which you will in turn be taken to a a secured page to enter details of your card numbers
  • After payment, a 20 digits token is sent using the mobile number used in the form
  • Go to your Prepaid Metre, and enter the 20 digits token sent to you
  • Press # Key on the Prepaid Metre to finish the recharging process.



Paying PHCN/NEPA Bill via Mobile Application(iOS, Android)


Most Nigerian banks mobile application, has inside of it, options for paying Utility Bills. Like GTB bank app. See below steps to pay for bills using bank app:

  • Open the bank application using your username and password
  • Locate section for paying utility bills
  • Find PHCN
  • Fill in the required details. Mostly your Metre Number, Purchase Amount, Mobile Number etc
  • On successful payment, an email or message containing the 20 digits number is sent to your device or email
  • Copy the 20 digits token and enter it, into your Prepaid Metre, then press # key to finish.

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  1. Chinedu

    It does not pay BEDEC .

    I need an App to pays BEDEC.

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