Top 30 Websites to Earn Paypal Money

This post contains a listing of Top 30 Websites to Earn Paypal Money remotely. What is meant by remotely means online via the internet. While at home, in the office, at school or even when on your bed.

All you need is a device with an internet connection capability and of course time and small amount of dedication.

These websites provides extra means where people get to do various tasks or render services to make income on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Some of this income making sites are passive in nature, like you could just earn while you are sleeping, like in the case of SquadHelp which will be discussed soon in the post. While, some of the sites may require running timely tasks.

Income accrued from all of these sites for some people are quite worth it to make a fine living while other people it’s just so cool for an extra cash to spend on that grocery or to watch that football match.

Many people have been able to make 10’s and 1000’s of Dollars from these sites. While others around 100 bucks and less. All depends on that extra energy you are willing to put forth. Without further ado, let’s get into the listings of the various sites; after which we then quickly have a summary of how each one looks like and what they entail.

Top 30 Websites to Earn Paypal Money:

  1. SquadHelp
  2. Textbroker
  3.  Earnably
  4.  Instagc
  5. Respondent
  6. Slicethepie
  7. QA-world
  8. Playtestcloud
  9. Askwonder
  10. Uniquerewards
  11. Moneyrewards
  12. Qmee
  13. Transcribeme
  14. Amazon Mturk
  15. PineCone
  16. Upwork
  17. Fiverr
  18. Flexyjobs
  19. Solidgigs
  20. College Recruiter
  21. Freelancer
  22. CloudPeeps
  23. Picoworkers
  24. Waywithwords
  25. 1888typeitup
  26. Peopleperhour
  27. Remotasks
  28. Gotbizopp
  29. Betatesting
  30. Vindale

Now, you have had a glimpse of the various listings above of the top websites you can quickly make Paypal money from. Either as a full time thing or some side gig for that extra bills that needs to be paid.


SquadHelp is a platform whereby individuals can suggest brand names for business, participate in online branding name competition, Logo and UX Competition, List out and Suggest Brandable Domain Names for Sale and also earn money via referral.

SquadHelp is one of the hot places to make some Extra income at the moment. If you have all of the skills listed above, you can earn tens to hundred of thousands from SquadHelp.

SquadHelp Earning

Above is a screenshot showing SquadHelp’s Earnings of a newbie that just tried it out.


TextBroker is a freelancing kind of website whereby users can get lots of handful of writing projects to binge on.

TextBroker is one of the top freelancing writing websites out there on the internet.

Firstly, users would have to submit a sample writing to access their writing styles and skills.

Secondly, after submission, TextBroker gives the users a rating of between 1-5 stars which determines the amount of money a writer can earn for a writing project written.

TextBrokerThus, with your writing skills rated as a 5-star you end up getting 50USD per 1000 words written article. As shown in the image.

What are you waiting for try TextBroker out to make that Paypal money.


Earnably is another cool site to earn Paypal Money. This site only accepts USA residents. A complete turn off for people residing outside USA. But, not to worry, you can always use VPN service to bypass this.

EarnablyYou only need to watch videos, play musics, fill out surveys as well as other tiny tasks which pays from 0.1cents to a Dollar. A good website to start pilling out that Paypal cash for some bills.


InstaGC is another cool internet Paypal making money website out there that you can just register in a go and start piling up some little Paypal Money.

Though you don’t quite earn a lump sum here. Earning are around 0.1USD to 5 USD but one hell of a good website if you are looking for random task to buy that Pizza.


InstaGC offers surveys, Reward programs etc. where you can easily use to get some cash into your Paypal.


Respondent is also one of the top sites you can easily earn 100USD and above in a go. By simply answering questions and providing you views based on myriads of experiences you have had with a product, a service or your area of expertise.

Respondent should be in the list of top Paypal making sites in the web as of the time of penning this article down.

So if you are looking at making some pretty decent cash over the internet via Paypal, should give Respondent ago.

The list amount you can earn from Respondent is 5 USD. Though, Respondent is not available to some countries.

Below is a proof of payment from Respondent.


So therefore, if you tried the url given above and it doesn’t open, just know it doesn’t support your country.

But, there is always a walk around via VPN.


At Slicethepie you get paid via Paypal for leaving reviews of products or services on the internet. So by simply leaving your take on a particular something you get rewarded for it.

You can earn by giving useful feedback on music, a clothing line up etc. The better you review the more you earn.

slicethepieYou can also earn from Slicethepie by referring friends to the program just like any other online making program that has been given in this post.


QA-World is another top Transcription or Transcribing websites out there in the internet that new users can easily make some cash depending on the level of dedication you willing to put into it.

Like in QAWorld you can earn up to 100USD per week by doing audio transcribing jobs.

Once you request for Payout funds are quickly sent to your Paypal account in no time.

QAWorldBy far one of the best Transcription websites out there if you are looking for that extra gig to add up to your portfolio of money making schemes.


If you love playing games like Fornite and Pubg etc or other online arena games kind of. Then, you would find Playtestcloud to be fun.

Here you get paid for reviewing games you have download and run on your computer or android devices. Some of the games doesn’t need installation, like the online types.

PlayTestCloudAll you need is to type the url into your browser and begin playing. Thus, taking note of some of the game lapses, recommendation etc. Submitting the results leaves you with a cash into you Paypal.  Yes, it’s that simple!.


You get paid for making research and analysis of various subjects or answering questions based on your field of study and expertise.

AskWonderLooking for extra cash on the internet for Paypal, then Askwonder should be on the list.


Here you get paid for performing simple micro-task from between 0.1 USD to 5 USD and above.

If you are looking to make small cash online. Then Unique rewards becomes a small option to consider.

Micro tasks include, watching videos, online surveys, etc.


At MoneyRewards you get paid for referrals mostly. This is easy and quite straight to the point. You get paid for bringing traffic to the website.

MoneyRewards PaypalThis means if you have social media accounts, you can share all of the links there to garner traffic and in turn boost your earnings.


This is another very cool website that you can earn some Paypal cash by participating in online surveys, when you shop for stuffs online and when you use the Qmee browser to browse web pages.

Top 30 Websites to Earn Paypal Money

You are paid between 0.1 to 5USD and above for surveys and other online shopping bonuses.


Transcribeme like QAWorld is another good transcription website on the internet. Here you get to earn up to 15 USD per hour for a transcription job undertaken.

Top 30 Websites to Earn Paypal MoneyTranscribeMe is also amongst one of the top websites for transcription that you can earn more.

Amazon Mturk:

Amazon Mechanical Turk known as Mturk is one of the oldest online making platforms where users are paid for carrying out a range of micro-tasks.

This is powered by one of the biggest ecommerce mall, Amazon, therefore, reliability is top-notch.

Top 30 Websites to Earn Paypal MoneyThere so many services and jobs one can offer at Mturk. All you have to do is to check the program out. If it suits you.


Pine Cone Research offers payment for surveys on different products or services.

Top 30 Websites to Earn Paypal MoneyYou can simply earning by reviewing a product and dropping suggestions.


UpWork should be at the very top of the list, but again it’s ok. UpWork is one of the top making website for Freelancers as well as other individuals online.

You can earn from 20USD to 10,000USD depending on the services, skills or area of specialization offered.

Usually in UpWork you are paid hourly according to the services offered.

Below is a screen shot of an SEO analyst on UpWork. So, when you join UpWork to provide services or showcase your skill, you can earn just like the user in the image below.

UpWorkAlmost everyone can work in UpWork, provided you have a skill. From editing, to transcription, to writing, to making games, SEO, Graphics design, Video editing, Virtual assistant etc.


Fiverr is another replica of UpWork. The only difference with Fiverr is that it seems more popular than UpWork and you have several people competing with you for a 5USD work not like in UpWork where services carry higher value.

So if you really want to use your skills to make some income online, you either delve into Fiverr or UpWork or both at the same time.

FiverrThe amount of money you can make from these two sites depends on your skills and level of commitment.


Here you get quite a number of jobs as the name implies, that are flexible. From remote jobs, to freelancing, to deals and special offers.

FlexjobsYou can decide to go full time or part time depending on the amount of time you are willing to put forth. Earning are between 1USD and above.

Yeh! one of the subtle sure ways to make that extra Paypal cash online.


Signing up to Solidgigs is pretty easy. Just enter you email and Paypal details and you are good to go.

Here you get a collection of freelance jobs handpicked for you to delve into on daily basis. You earn in return. Yes! it’s that simple.

College Recruiter:

The aim of this site is to help recent college grad earn some income while being able to render services on various skills acquired in college.

Also a good site to start making some Paypal money.


This is one of the oldest Freelancing websites on the internet. As the name implies, you get to offer myriads of freelancing services in return for cash.

FreelancerEasy to join and you can easily scale up your earning by delivering a good job and earning good start ratings in return.


A simple websites that brings variety of talents from different fields to execute client projects.

CloudPeepsTherefore, if you have any skill like writing, webdesign, web dev, social media analyst, Seo etc. Then you can easily sign up at Cloudpeeps to start making some Paypal income online.


At Pico Workers you get to earn small Paypal income by simply doing some small micro tasks like filling forms, taking surveys, signing up into a website, buying stuff etc.

Earnings are quite small like from between 0.1USD and above depending on the task. But, when you add all of theses earnings together you can make a decent daily task.


With WaywithWords, you can easily earn remotely while at home or in the office by engaging in Freelancing projects.

WaywithWords deals with audio to text services. That means, you get to transcribe, translate etc.

Earnings are between 0.45USD to 1.73USD per audio minute.


Here you get to engage in various transcription jobs. Just like other transcription/transcribing websites that have been highlighted above.

You get to earn between 30USD to 80USD per hour audio work of transcription given. More info can be found in the link given above.


Also a Freelancing website where you can easily find clients for various skills you can offer.

You get to earn while offering your writing skills, video editing skills, audio transcription skills, graphics making etc.


With Remote Tasks, you get to earn by engaging in various tasks remotely while at home, in the office or when on the go.

Tasks can range from identifying tasks, categorizing t-shirts, moderating contents etc.


At Gotbizopp, you get paid for sharing your opinions about a product or services.

The good news is that not like some other sites in the list that only allows USA visitors without VPN apps, this one have also room to accommodate non-US users.


Joining the BetaTesting team let’s you beta test products, services, apps, websites remotely. You give feed backs on what’s cool and what’s not cool.

This in turn let’s creators to remake, fix and improve on already existing products.

Earning is between the range of 10-20USD per Beta Test assigned. Quite a decent amount for an extra Paypal gig in the internet.


Last but not the very least is Vindale. Here you get to take quite a lots of surveys ranging from 0.5USD to 0.75USD and above.

If you are cool with survey programs then you should give this one a shot. Cause, you never lack a survey to do.

Alright I drop my pen here.

Conclusion on Paypal Money Making Sites:

All of the sites given above offer different kinds of gigs and jobs anyone can take up as a freelance thing during spare times or as full income job.

Many users have reportedly made tens and thousands of Dollars from these websites, like Fiverr, SquadHelp and UpWork.

Therefore, if you are looking to make that extra income, please, gradually go through each of these websites. Definitely, you sure will get one, that you would like which will fit into your skills.

If there was any other cool websites that hadn’t made the list of top Paypal Money Making Sites in the Internet. Please, do include it in the comment section for all to see.

Bye for now!.

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