Top 12 Best Android VPN Application for your Android Device

Best Android VPN Applications:

VPN, known as Virtual Private Networks can also be implemented on your Android device, not only for your computer. This is made possible using different VPN applications in the market today.

We have many VPN applications you could choose for your device, it all still depends on your requirement and purse. There are free VPN apps, as well as paid options. And others, combination of both. But, the most important thing, is having the work done.

We would be looking at a number of VPN applications you could opt for. We would make list, and a short note to quickly dish out what each VPN listed entails.

VPN, like any other security tools like, Antivirus, are a necessity for your device, you never may know when you may need it. Either to access that website that is banned on your Wi-Fi, hide your identity from tracers, and surf anonymously.

There are a number of reasons why people use VPN. But, mostly are due to restrictions and ability to protect identity tracing.

So Why use VPN for your Android phone:

VPN is a virtual private network, imagine it as a tool which creates a private, secure, and encrypted connection which can act as an alternative path between your host computer and another server provided by the VPN network.

For example, when you connect to a WiFi, your device first connect to the VPN network, then the VPN network inturn routes the information via their network.

Prying Eyes

By simply applying this, you can protect your self from malicious websites that tracks user data and behaviors for not so good purpose.

This means any application on your device, browsers, games, social apps, etc that run on the internet can connect safely via the VPN providers which manages the network data by applying their security and management techniques.


Also, with VPN applications, you can easily bypass any restrictions imposed on a particular region on the internet. Some public free WiFi connection in the real sense, might in some cases not be free, a hidden price you must pay.

This WiFis can easily gather your data, from email passwords, to websites activities, to payment cards etc. But, implementing VPN’s, ensures you at least get some level of security, depending on the VPN application.

Below are our top 12 VPN applications, you can easily download and install to your android device, in no time get all your data routed safely and at least off for a while, from prying eyes.

NB: Some of the VPN applications in the list below are completely free, while others come in two packages, free and paid. Paid versions normally offer unlimited access to bandwidth.

The prices listed in any paid version of a VPN application, in the post below are subject to change.

The best way to know more on the current price, is to go to the download page, usually linked at the end of the post on each VPN application.

#1. VPN Robot -Free Unlimited VPN Proxy &WiFi Security Android:

First, in the list is VPN Robot. VPN Robot provides a fast and secure way of using VPN on your android device with few clicks you get everything down with tunneling. VPN Robot is completely free with an unlimited bandwidth.

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The speed is particularly fast and provides for an easy to use user interface, that anyone can get started with it on first installation.

Download VPN Robot from Playstore LINK

#2. Vypr VPN Android app:

Vypr VPN is a great VPN application for Android devices which takes full control of your Android device connection. The developers claim a 100 percent operation without any intervention from a third party.

That means every nitty-gritty of tunneling is provided and run by VyprVPN.

With VPN Vypr, your get unrestricted access to content and can access blocked contents or websites for free. Fast and reliable VPN service like never before.

The free version of the app offers users with 1GB free data usage over Wi-Fi connections or GSM connections. With also addition of 2 simultaneous connections.

Download Install Vypr VPN Android App

#3. Turbo VPN – Unlimited Free VPN:

Turbo VPN application for android offer unlimited free VPN service with fast reliable speed. No any hidden subscription on this app, it is completely free.

Like any other VPN application for Android devices, Turbo VPN offers privacy, unblock contents on the web and secure path for your data.

Turbo VPN has easy user interface and pretty straight to the point on first use. One single tap on the VPN connection button , and you get every thing going in no time.

Plus, has good feedback from users already using the app. More info on download below via Playstore.

Download Install Turbo VPN Android app

#4. Fast Secure VPN Android app:

This VPN application is sure bet for those people looking out for free VPN application with premium stuff inside. Comes with a free unlimited trial.

Fast Secure VPN application uses server location from multiple countries across regions. The likes, of US, Japan, China, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Canada, Hong Kong, France, Sweden etc, all inclusive.

You get a dedicated IP address attached to your computer that lets you access web pages. And also, there is an option for a paid version. You definitely get more value when you opt for the paid version.

Priced at: $2.5/1 month, $7.10/3 months and $13/6 months. The one year plan comes at $16.7. The pricing is pretty flexible, all depending on the type you would want to opt for.

More info on download and install from Google Play Page:

Download Install Fast Secure VPN

#5. Psiphon Pro Android app:

Psiphon Pro, with over a million user base, is by far one the best Android VPN application around. With Psiphon, you can easily bypass different firewalls to access restricted websites or web application in your region.

You can have access to blocked social media platforms, news channels etc.

When you connect to a network, Psiphon Pro, creates a secure and private path between your computer and any other web page you are accessing, thus providing protection.

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There is also a subscription fee for Psiphon Pro, when paid, in return, removes all advertisement pop up, that comes with the application.

You can still make use of the app without paying, but, instead you get ad banners as a token for the developers effort.

Downoad Install Psiphon Pro

#6. Opera VPN Android app:

Opera VPN, also VPN application provided by the popular name on mobile web, Opera. The application is provided by Opera, SurfEasy Inc.

With this VPN app, you can easily get through contents online fast and easy even when blocked from a particular ip address.

You get very fast VPN servers, security and a reliable tunneling path included with other premium services for no fee. To fully unlock the potential of OPERA VPN app, you will have to opt for: Monthly plan at $1, 6 Months Plan at $5 or 12 Months Plan at $9.5.

Easily prevent ad trackers from bugging you on the web and flexibility in changing and assigning a virtual IP location. Pass through blocked or restricted contents in your region, apps and websites with Opera VPN application. Get yours in the link below. Or enter play store and make a query with: Opera VPN.

Download Install Opera VPN Android app

#7. VPN Express Android app:

VPN Express application is another VPN that does very well for android devices. With VPN Express, you can connect to the internet anonymously and also freely. The VPN application connectivity over network is stable, secure and reliable. So you don’t get disconnection issues.

VPN.Express, like Fast Secure VPN, is also available in free and paid version. The free versions offers three servers you can choose from to connect at a single network connection. While, the premium version in the other hand, comes with limited access to various servers spanning across various locations across the globe.

These servers provides high connection speed with unlimited bandwidth. With the premium version, you can connect to five connections at the same time.

To use, the app, simply download and install from Playstore. The link is placed below. Connect to a Wi-Fi, LAN connection, or GSM and then turn on VPN Express to continue with the connection process.

 Download Install VPN Express 

#8. OpenVPN Android app:

Openvpn for android devices, is a free VPN application, and no doubt should fall in any top best Android VPNs list available.

You don’t need to be rooted to use the app, nor do you need to pay any dime, since its an open source application, traced back to Android 4.0+ VPN Service API.

Open VPN application is open source VPN app based on the OPENVPN project. And may be a little techy, but quite straight to the point in setting up.

This app uses less battery and allows for a host of settings to suit your configuration.

Download Install OpenVPN 

#9. Super VPN Android app:

With Super VPN Android VPN, you get complete control over your privacy when access web pages online, apps, and other services that requires connection.

The app creates a secure path for your Android device between other services.

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Super VPN Android app provides 20 days trial option for the free version and 60 minutes on each connection to VPN.

Like any other VPN application out there, Super VPN Android app, helps bypass restrictions and access restricted websites, apps and contents by making it difficult for prying eyes to harness user information or behaviors when online.

Download Install Super VPN Android app

#10. Speed VPN Android app:

Speed VPN android app, is a simple VPN service, easy to setup and easy to get things started in no time. Simply download the app and install. Turn it on, and let it begin VPN’ising your android device.

Speed VPN application comes in two packages a free and premium type. Both offer the same thing, makes you surf web pages using fast VPN servers. But, the latter, offering limitless bandwidth.

When you opt for the premium package, you get unlimited connection and also free premium services. While, the free package, only offer 180 minutes of connection time.

Download Install Speed VPN Android app

#11. Surf Easy VPN Android app:

Surf Easy VPN Android application provides VPN services in two packages, a free version and paid version.

The free version gets you all the VPN services provided by SurF Easy, but, you get only 500MB monthly connection data usage.

The paid version of Surf Easy, provides unlimited bandwidth with plan packages broken down to:

  • $2.99/Month for 1 mobile device.
  • $29.99/Year for 1 mobile device.
  • $4.99/Month for 5 mobile device.
  • $49.99/Year for 5 mobile device.

Download Install Surf Easy VPN Android app

#12. F-Secure Freedome VPN Android app:

F-Secure Freedome VPN Android app is a paid VPN application. But, you can use its VPN services for a 2 week trial to see how the app is like. After which you would be required to pay to continue using the VPN services.

Below are the payment plans you can opt for depending on how much you willing to let off, to get yourself covered with VPN:


  • $0.99/Daily Plan
  • $3/Monthly Plan
  • $29.99/ Yearly Plan

F-Secure Freedome VPN application not only provide VPN services, but also security services. It offers security  services for your Android device, by providing scanning services for malwares and virus.

More info below on pricing and installation via Playstore below:

Download Install F-Secure Freedome VPN

In conclusion, here are some of the best VPN applications, you can try on your android device. The VPN application have been tested, and they work on almost all android versions.

From the listing above, we believe you will be able to have a glimpse of what each one has got. And then further decide on which one one to give a go.

If your favorite VPN application for android, happens not to be included in the list. Kindly indicate via the comment section above so everyone can benefit.

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