Diesel On Full Guard Smartwatch Price Specification USA UK

This post is all about the: Diesel On Full Guard Smartwatch Price Specification USA UK. 

This gives you a good insight of the make of the smartwatch, quality and pricing in US and UK and as well can be used to estimate the price also for other regions.

Diesel, just came out with its very first smartwatch, named On Full Guard. The On Full Guard smartwatch explores the characteristics of a rugged time piece and also an aesthetically pretty faced skinned type.

This means the smartwatch can serve as a rugged device with it’s amour looking feature and as well for casual out fits.

The smartwatch can handle and do a variety of things. The interface is such that it is formatted both in digital and analog.

It evokes that classic feel. It’s strap fits well to the design and can fit quite well with jean clothe and trouser.

The smartwatch falls in the Fossil releases, like the Fossil Q Venture and Q Explorist.

The Diesel On Full Guard smartwatch comes with AMOLED round display design and is available for around $330.

The smartwatch will be up for grab in US and UK starting at October, 2017.

Diesel On Full Guard Smartwatch:

Diesel On Full Guard smartwatch is driven by a Snapdragon 2100 processor. The processor is crafted to be able to minimize power consumption and last much.

Thus, making the smartwatch power efficient. The smartwatch is run by the Android Wear 2.0 operating system and measures 48mm in dimension.

It features multiple design finish with multiple bands to choose from. The leather version is available in brown or black coloured variants. while the metallic version is available in gold, and black colour.

Both the metallic version and the non-metallic version have that premium look which sets it aside. One of the most important aspects of the smartwatch is the ability to fit in just pretty well.

The smartwatch also comes with the IP67 water resistant which protects from water and when immersed in a liquid.

Therefore, it means this smartwatch can resist water activity at a depth that the IP67 supports.

So next time the smart watch happens to be a water situation. You don’t need to panic yet, it was absolutely built for that in mind.

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