Samsung Galaxy Note 7R (Refurbished) Price & Specs China India Nigeria UK USA

Samsung Galaxy Note 7R (Refurbished) Price & Specs China.
Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 now available on sale in China with Moniker, Galaxy Note 7R from a Chinese webiste listing. Galaxy Note7 R (Refurbished) was spotted before the official announcement date on the site. The listing points at a price tag of CNY 3599-3999, around $521-$579.

From the price listing; that is, about $300 discount compared to the original price tag of the device. The design aesthetics of the Note 7R, looks everything similar to the original Note 7.   Samsung Galaxy Note 7R(Refurbished) comes in two types, a 3200mAh capacity for US, Asia and European market. And a 3500mAh capacity type. The difference between both variants is in terms of size. The latter being smaller. A glimpse into the specs of the original Note 7, perhaps almost the best smartphone of 2016. 

Via: PlayfulDroid

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