Pokemon Go Version 0.57.2 APK Download and Install

Pokemon Go Version 0.57.2 APK Download and Install.
The newest Pokemon Go update, version 0.57.2 comes with exciting features and bug fixes.

This post, is all about how you can download the apk format of the Pokemon Go which is same game as downloading from Playstore.

Just as we had explained (Youtube Go apk) on why some times going for APK format saves you the energy when Playstore disappoint same thing also applies to Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go is undoubtedly one of the best Android game of the year 2016, if not the very best. Due to its popularity and download.

The update of version 0.57.2 brings us night mode. With night mode enabled, it enables for night mode map navigation for beavers who prefer to capture Pokemon at night and gyms when no one watching.

The good thing about the apk format is when ever Playstore doesn’t work you can easily download the file and store it to install for later.

Pokemon Go Version 0.57.2 APK Download and Install

The night mode feature in the latest Pokemon Go, version 0.57.2 helps conserve battery power for more a longer duartion.

Another feature added is the, Berry and Ball Carousels to the encounter screen.

Bugs fixes can be viewed from the app changelog. What are you waiting for get Pokemon Go Version 0.57.2 below:-

Download Pokemon Go Version 0.57.2 APK Install

VIA: Playstore

How to Install Pokemon Go v.0.57.2:

Click on the download link which takes you straight to the Playstore.

Tap on the install tab. To install the Android Game to your device.¬†But, if it happens that you Playstore isn’t working as expected.

Then, leave a reply in the comment section. So, I drop you the download link for the direct version of the apk link for the Pokemon Go V0.57.2 or any other version you need for your android device.

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