Download Playstore Latest Version 8.1.25 APK File

Google Playstore Version 8.1.25 apk Download Install:

Google Playstore verison 8.1.25 is out, you can update your present playstore app on your android device to the newest one. Either automatically via Google server or manually. If you are looking for a manual installation file, then, here is the apk file of Playstore latest Version V.8.1.25. Read on to download the file below to your device:


The new update comes with patching and security updates, but, not significant change in the UI design. So, the new update may similar in look with the present one. But, comes with security and fixes which is up to date. So download the new update to your device, if an update hasn’t been rolled out to your device automatically via Google’s server.

Download Install Playstore V.8.1.25 Apk File

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