YouTube Go Beta apk: Download Videos for offline Watching

YouTube Go Beta app Download .apk: Download Videos for offline Watching.

In an earlier post, we had talked about how getting apk files work. Like how to get Angry Bird Apk. In this post, we would instead be looking at how to get Youtube Go Bet in apk.

Why getting apk, when I can simply download from the Playstore? Well, some times Google Playstore stops working on your smartphone and you become stranded.

Thus, the need to outsource apk files from other apk file sharing sites. The apk file is same thing with the one you would download from the Playstore.

Only that this time, you have to download and install it manually yourself.

Below is the procedure that will be given to download Youtube GoBeta apk to your device and install directly whenever you encounter problems with Playstore.

YouTube Go Beta app lets you download youtube videos for offline watching in some specific regions.

That means this feature may not be available in your country. The feature is meant for regions with slower internet.

The app works as the normal app for YouTube on Android, but, with added functionality: Ability to download videos for later viewing when disconnected from internet.

The app only allows videos to be downloaded in the Basic and Standard Quality format, 144p and 360p.

That means no HD, only meants for users with slow bandwidth network.

Get the youtube Go Beta app from the link for your Android devices: –Download

Try the app, see if its available in your part of the world!

YouTube Go Beta app Download .apk: Download Videos for offline Watching

VIA: Play Store

Download YouTube Go Beta app apk


Features of YouTube Go Beta app
  • Set Amount of MBs Spent on Videos
  • Preview Videos Before Download
  • Choose to either download or stream
  • Share Videos with Friends
  • Super Fast Stream Speed
  • Play Video Without Buffering

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