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In this post, I will share with you, how to quickly get the Pixel 2 look straight unto your android device. I mean any device running the android operating system. The process is quite easy and straight to the point. Get the launcher link, Download, Install and customize to your android device.

What’s Needed to Get the Pixel 2/XL Look to your Device


  • First, you need have your smartphone or tablet running on at least Android 4.1 operating system.
  • Next, you need get Action Launcher application, latest version(V. 29.0 Beta)
  • Sure!, some kilobytes of space, to install the app.


With Action Launcher V.29.0 Beta, you can implement the Pixel 2/XL look on your android device. Action Launcher does this by bringing fully customisable Pixel 2 styling dock search bar to your device.

So Why the Urge for the Pixel 2 / XL look


The newest Pixel Launcher has inside of it in the Pixel 2 / XL smartphones, a new Search bar located beneath the dock which took the place of a G pill on top the launcher. And also, the top accommodates a new info widget. Put simply, you can move the search bar just below the app dock. To get the above look and new design on any android device, you will have to use a dedicated launcher. Thus, comes the updated Action Launcher application.


 A Quick Glimpse into D New Action Launcher V.29.0


Spare me some time, let me quickly use few lines to lay out what’s present in the latest Action Launcher app.


  • Ability to add shortcuts into search bar
  • Ability to change the shape of the search box
  • Ability to add Search Bar beneath the dock
  • Ability to fully customize the bar (Change colour, Logo, shape etc)


Installing the Pixel 2 / XL App to your Device


Installing latest Action Launcher application, implements the Pixel 2/ XL look to any android device you have, running on at least android 4.1 operating system.


Below are the Quick Procedures of Installing Action Launcher V29.0 Beta:


  1. First, register : Action Launcher Beta
  2. Download or Install the application from Google PlayStore
  3. Open Action Launcher application
  4. Set it as the Default launcher
  5. Open the app Drawer from your Home Screen by Swiping up
  6. Open Action Settings app
  7. Locate Fun Stuff
  8. Go to Quickbar
  9. Hit on Style on the top menu of app
  10. Select Search Box(Dock) for Pixel 2 /XL Style
  11. Hit OK


That all about it. If you have done everything as listed from A-Z; you should get the Pixel 2 Look in no time. The Search Box  should be located at the bottom of Home Screen.

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