Best Pixel 2 / XL Launcher for any Android Devices

Best Pixel 2 / XL Launcher app


Without wasting much time we will delve into the best Launcher app that implements the Pixel 2 /XL look for your android device. First, in the list is Nova Launcher. Yes!, Nova Launcher, is the first pick, this launcher adds myriads of functions and customization to your android device whether your are running an older android operating system or the newest operating system. Usually, an updated Nova Launcher application ensures you get features of themes in the newest android version.


Second, in the list is Action Launcher, with this app you can easily implement the Pixel 2 /XL look to your device in no time. Also, comes with lots of customization and additional settings for the dock home side. More details on Action Launcher from the Link given here .


Using Nova Launcher to Implement Pixel 2 / XL Look

Nova Launcher have some its featured only enabled when you pay for the app, but, you can still make tons of customization using the free version.


  • First, download or install Nova Launcher app from Google Play Store
  • Next, launch Nova Launcher app
  • No need of all the intros. Just keep Tapping next….next……next until the launcher is fully setup
  • After which you make it your default Launcher app for your smartphone
  • Remove all items and icons from the Home Screen (Long Press on each icon and remove one after the other)
  • Long press on Home Screen to go Settings
  • Go to Nova Settings
  • Inside Settings, tap on App & widget drawers 
  • Enable Swipe to open
  • Disable Swipe Indicator
  • Go back to Main Menu
  • Tap on Desktop
  • Select Icon Layout
  • Disable Label option
  • Tap on Height Padding
  • Select Medium option
  • Tap on Width Padding 
  • Select Medium option
  • Still on Desktop Settings, Scroll down to Page Indicator
  • Tap on Page Indicator
  • Then, Select None
  • Go back to Main Settings
  • Tap on Dock
  • Select Dock Background
  • Set Transparency to 100%
  • Go back to the Home Screen and Long Press on it
  • Select Widgets
  • Find Quick Search Bar in Nova Launcher, then add to your Home Screen
  • Long Press on the Widget and Re-size it to the width of your android Screen size
  • Long Press on the Widget again, but tap Edit, this time
  • Go to bar Style and select the first option
  • Go to Logo Style
  • Select the G coloured icon
  • Enable Search as overlay option
  • Go back to the main screen and drag the widget to the bottom of the display
  • You can add your own icon above the widget
  • Next download Pixel 2/ XL wallpaper and set as default wallpaper


That is pretty much about it!. You can also further add little touches to the whole setup, you can add the At a glance widget. This helps shows your calendars meetings, weather, time, info, events in a a nice way. To implement the look, like that of the Pixel 2 / XL, use these quick steps:


    • Download Business Calendar app apk version 2.24.0 or Install directly from Play store
    • After installation, launch the app
    • Enable all Permission and Request to grant access
    • On Home Screen Long Press to select widget options
    • Add Business Calendar 2 to Home Screen
    • After adding, long press and re-size the widget to match the width of your screen
    • Click on Gear Icon at the top right of the widget
    • Tap on Colors
    • Set the opacity to 0%
    • Tap on save


With all this customization, you will at least be able to get and mimic the new Pixel 2 /XL look on any android device using Nova Launcher app. When newer updates of Nova Launcher pops out from the web!, the process of using the Pixel 2 look on your android device will be a thing of : “a Click of button”. But, before, that enjoy this.


Using Action Launcher to Implement the Pixel 2 / XL look on Any Android Device


Using Action Launcher to mimic the Pixel 2 / XL look on your Android device is quite straight to the point. Simply download or install the application to your device and follow the steps below:


First, you will need to download Action Launcher V29.0 Beta.


Next, follow the steps below:


Register for Action Launcher Beta application from the link. Next, download or install the application directly from Google Play Store Repository. After installing the app to your android device. You will have to set it as your default application launcher. Then, open the app Drawer from the Home Screen through swiping up and open the Action Setting app. Go to Fun Stuff and then Quickbar. Tap on Style just at the top menu side of the app. Select the option Search Box(Dock) and then hit OK. Voila!.


For more in depth details regarding implementing Action Launcher to emulate the Pixel 2 /XL look fall into this post.


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