Manually Install Xposed FrameWork for OREO(Android 8.1.1)

Xposed Framework for Android OREO 8.1.1


Xposed Framework by far is one of top ten apps that make android users root their devices. ¬†And also one of the top most demanded apps on the android platform especially by Android phone developers and enthusiast. Let’s have a little glimpse of What Xposed is, before we delve into the Xposed for Android Oreo 8.0/8.11 download and installation.


As the android community is faced with the divide of either you are on a Stock ROM(Factory Installed ROM or running on a Rooted ROM. Most of the android users who like to tinker with their devices, fall into the Geek category. Whatever!, category you fall into, here is the XPOSED FRAME WORK FOR ANDROID OREO 8.1.1. Continue reading for further details.


What’s Xposed for OREO Android 8.0/8.1.1


Never heard of Xposed Framework? well, Xposed Framework allows developers and other android phone enthusiast to have ability to modify almost all system functions to suit a particular need. This modification is geared towards tweaking individuals apps including system settings.


With Xposed you can do so much more on your Android device. Examples of stuffs include, ability to use Custom OS on your android device without having to go through the process of flashing, You can tweak your custom ROM to your own feel and want, customize display settings, customizing apps to do stuffs they won’t normally do by default.


How Xposed Works

First most users root their android devices in order to fully enable Xposed to take over and run stuff on their android devices without glitches. Since, using Xposed framworks enable you to do things you would normally not do on an android phone permission has to be granted for each modules. Those modules integrate different customization features into your android device. For Android users, there are more than hundreds of Xposed Modules out there, all falls back to what you want to customize.


Below is a step by step process of how to get Xposed Framework on Oreo Running in no time:


How to Manually Install Xposed Framework on Android 8.1.1

First, root your Android Oreo device to install Xposed framework, then follow the link given to download the Xposed Framework for your device for installation….link.


  • Install Xposed Framework Modified apk file from the link given to your device. Before installation, ensure you have enabled the installation of UNKNOWN sources option, usually found in the settings side of your phone
  • After Installation don’t launch the Xposed Framework
  • Flash Xposed Framework installer to your device via recovery menu
  • After recovery install reboot your device
  • Launch the Xposed Framework apk app, you installed earlier
  • Install different modules of your choice

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