How to install Sailfish OS ROM on Sony Xperia X

Sailfish OS Download: Sony Xperia X


Sailfish operating system is now fully available to download and purchase. This means you will be able to download Sailfish X and get it installed on your Sony Xperia X smartphone.


Previously, Jolla And Sony had got into a partnership in order to bring forth Sailfish operating system to Xperia devices. And Xperia X devices, with single SIM were to be the first to have it.

Installing Sailfish X OS, requires you have the Windows operating system running on your computer. While installation instructions for MAC and Linux users will unveil in the coming months.


Sailfish OS, is a Secure operating system with support for android application and runs on a single SIM device, now only for the Sony Xperia X. On first purchase of the ROM, you will directed to a link to download and install the operating system inside of your Sony Xperia X device in no time. Below is a video showing Sailfish OS on Sony Xperia X device.

How to Flash(Install) Sailfish OS ROM on Sony Xperia X


Facts to Note Before Flashing Sailfish ROM on Sony Xperia X


  • Ensure your Sony Xperia X device is in good shape before unlocking bootloader.
  • Ensure that WLAN, Camera, Phone Calls, Mobile data connection and all major functions are running smoothly.
  • Ensure your device is Sony Xperia X Single SIM Version(F5121)
  • Ensure that the boot loader of Sony Xperia X is verified to be unlockable
  • Ensure that you have verified that it works with Android


What you need to Flash Sailfish OS on Sony Xperia X


  • Micro USB Cable
  • Active internet connection
  • Windows Computer
  • Download Sailfish X OS file from Jolla


Procedures to Flash Sailfish OS on Sony Xperia X


First Step:


Bootloader Locked Sony Xperia X Devices:


If your Sony Xperia X Device bootloader is locked use this procedure:

  • Update to the latest Android version via OTA(over the air) download
  • Goto Settings>>About Phone>>Software Update>>Check System Updates. This step is to ensure whether there is another update. That means you may have to do multiple OTA updates, in order to get the latest version
  • After updating your device, go to Settings>>About Phone>>Build Number
  • Ensure the Build number is 34.3.A.0.228 or higher


Bootloader unlocked Sony Xperia X devices


If your Sony Xperia X bootloader is already unlocked, then, use this procedures:

  • Download and install Emma Tool for Windows computer @Sony Dev Site
  • Turn off Sony Xperia X device
  • Wait for at least 20 seconds after turning off
  • Hold Volume Down button at the same time connect your Sony Xperia X to your computer using USB Cable
  • If done properly, the LED close to the speaker should lit up a green light
  • Enter Emma tool on your computer and Run it. Follow the step by step instructions
  • Boot up your device to Android. Follow the setup Wizard, skip many steps until you get to DONE
  • Shut down Sony Xperia X and then prepare to begin Sailfish installation in the next guide


Second Step:


Installing Xperia X Fastboot Driver

  • In off state of Sony Xperia X, Hold Volume UP button at the same time connect your device to the computer using USB cable.
  • When the LED next to the speaker shows Blue light, you can head to the next step
  • Download Xperia X fastboot drivers @Sony web
  • After download, Extract contents in the file to a know directory
  • Open Windows Device Manager (Hold Windows Button and R. Then type devmgmt.msc in the field box and hit enter to open Device Manager)
  • Locate S1Boot Fastboot in the drop down list. If not installed properly, you will get a warning sign
  • Right-Click on it, then choose, Update driver
  • Goto Browse my computer for driver software
  • Select the option, Let me pick from a list of available drives on my computer
  • Select, Show All Devices
  • Select, Have disk
  • Select, Browse, locate the directory where you extracted the files.
  • Select, the file sa0114adb and click on Open
  • Next, click OK
  • Sony sa0114 ADB interface Driver, then appears in Model List
  • Click on Next
  • If Update Driver Warning pops up click on Yes
  • If all steps done properly, Windows has successfully updated your drivers will pop up, click on Close to finish the process.


Third Step:


Extracting Sailfish File

  • Extract the SailfishOS file ( to a known directory in your computer. The contents contains fastboot binary files


Fourth Step:


Download Sony Vendor Binary Image files

  • Download Sony Binary image file Below:
  • Unzip file
  • Copy SW_binaries_for_Xperia_AOSP_M_MR1_3.10_v13_loire.img
  • Paste the image file to the same folder directory where you kept Sailfish OS extracted files


Fifth Step:


Flashing Sailfish X ROM on Sony Xperia X


Connect Sony Xperia X device into Fastboot Mode

  • Disconnect your Sony Xperia X device from your computer
  • Turn off the device. Leave the device off for at least 20 seconds
  • Hold Volume Up button at the same time Connect your Sony Xperia X device to your computer via USB cable
  • If done properly the LED light close to the speaker will show blue light
  • Double click on flash-on-windows.bat (When you get Windows warning: Protected your PC by stopping the script from launching, click on More info, next click on Run anyway
  • Follow the step by step instructions in the Window menu
  • After flashing, reboot your Sony Xperia X device into Sailfish X

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