Easy ways to reduce image file size to Kilobytes

Easy ways to reduce image file size to Kilobytes.

This small nugget shows you incredible, easy and fast methods you can use to reduce image file size in a jiffy. And the good thing about this method, I’m about showing you, is that you don’t need to be connected to internet to use online image resizing tools.

All you need is your computer with the softwares to use for proper image reduction appropriation. Meanwhile, there are several image resizing tools out there that you can use to resize your images to appropriate sizes in smaller kilobytes.

What I meant by resizing in this case, isn’t about the pixelation or dimension. Rather, the reduction of size of the image from a larger size in MB(Megabytes) to a smaller chunk size in (Kilobytes).

For example, say resizing, an image of 2MB to just 20KB in size without losing much of the quality. Isn’t that incredible. The two savvy tools that will be given in this post, will help you, just do that in seconds.

You have that large image say 5MB and you finding it difficult to reduce the size in KB. Well!, these Youtube videos given below, should help you with the steps required to reduce this type of image to around say 20kb or less.

In a previous post, there was a written procedure to go about this, with all the required details and steps outlined. This post, is especially meant, for people, that will love to see the video version.

Either you are learning how to resize your image using this two Youtube Videos or going to the previous post written, on resizing images. You still learn same thing. Enjoy !

How to reduce image size via Microsoft Office Paint Manager

The video embed below gives a descriptive approach of how you can quickly resize your image to an appropriate Kilobyte size using Microsoft Picture Manager.

How to reduce image file size in KB Using Paint.net application

The video given below shows you step by step process of how you can reduce the image size to Kilobytes of a large image by employing the use of a free ware software called, Paint.net.

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