Download Install Google Contacts 2.0 with Clean New Looks

Google Contacts 2.0 comes with cleaner and smarter looks. Download Install Google Contacts 2.0 with Clean New Looks.

Google Contacts is very popular application that sometimes comes by default in most android phones (E.g. Xiaomi 5, Huawei P20, Samsung Note 7, One Plus 6 etc. The good thing about the application is that it helps android user further maximize organization and prioritization of their phone contacts.

With Google Contacts, you can do just more compared to the ordinary contact that may come with the smartphone.

You can add labels to contact and categorize contacts based on the name for identification and easy accessibility.

The contact app, comes with quite a number of features user might very helpful. Just like the normal contacts, you can also sync your contacts to cloud for backup purposes.

When you change your device to another android device. You can easily retrieve back your contacts from the Google Account when signed in.

Google Contacts 2.0 is now available for download and install. The app comes with a new design interface from Google, which comes with a clean and smarter look.

Download Install Google Contacts 2.0 with Clean New Looks

New features include, the ability to use a Slide-out menu that comes with account migration ability. And also a new design for the contact page as well. Download or Install the Contact 2.0 app to your device via the apk link below or Googles play store.

Download Install Google Contact 2.0

The download links have been given to download the contact app for android.

The download has been parked into the apk format. So when you download the app by clicking on either of the links. You simply go to the location where the downloaded file reside.

Click on the apk file and click also on the prompt that follows thereafter to complete the installation.

After you have completed the installation, you will now be able to use the contact app features and you can also customize to your feel and taste.

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