Business Calendar 2 Pro V2.24.0 Full Download Latest apk

Download Businesss Calendar 2  Pro v2.24.0 Full [Latest]


In this post, you will get the latest download link for full version of  Business Calendar android application. Download the app straight to your device and install without ads. No BS links, No redirects, no delay. Simply download and enjoy straight to your device.


Business Calendar android app, provides for the best way to get everything done about all of your activities that involves: organizing, scheduling, timing, meetings, setting dates, and other complex stuffs that deals with timing in more flexible and easy way.

When you install this app, to your device, you also get a widget that comes with lots of customization for your device. The app is one of the favorite Calendar apps, for complex, and a stress free time management activities.


Whats New: Business Calendar 2 Pro V2.24.0 Full Download Latest apk


The latest version comes, with improvements and fixes to make the app better and more fun to use. Comes with new built user interface primarily aimed at optimization of performance. Improved voice input with support for English, German, French and Japanese.  Also comes, with additional emoticons to tasks, better compatibility with android Oreo 8.0, as well as bug fixes.

Features of Business Calendar Android app


  1.  Ability for Year view
  2.  Use of Android calendar sync. This enables synchronization with other related apps e.g. with Google Calendar and Exchange
  3.  Comes with support for local calendars and also tasks
  4. Holidays calendar of different countries
  5. Birthdays of your Contacts stacked
  6.  Addition of Voice input option
  7. Addition of advanced event reminders
  8. Addition of Widgets: Month, Week, Day, Agenda, Icon and Tasks widgets.
  9. Event planner
  10. Task management
  11. Month, Week and Day view
  12. Agenda live search


Business Calendar 2 PRO V2.24.0 apk


When you want a versatile time management tool for handling complex task, then Business Calendar is one such favorite app, appreciated by most android users. The newest version comes with improvement in interface and optimization for more efficiency. Comes with fluidity in switching between daily and monthly tasks.


You can easily create tasks and lists with many options to  choose from. Events, tasks and weather inclusive. Comes to you in a single one view. Also, you get integrated tasks and new day view with weather also included in the view. From the month view, you get a quick day view allowing you, glimpse at your forthcoming events.


It also, comes with a widget generator that comes with lots of options to choose from. You can set Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily agenda with unique optimizations for any you opt for. Calendar 2 Pro comes with new live search feature with addition of heat map in the year view. In addition, you can also show or hide calendars using the Favorite Bar option.


Easily sieve out your view using simple gestures with options for zooming and multiple days. You can, also move multiple events out of the way with a quick drag and drop. You can also add events at any location within the app. Can also integrate task tools for to-do list.


You can also, import and export the Calendar information and customization using either .ical or .ics file format. Custom event templates is also available with options to utilize event locations, history and auto completion. You can also link your contacts to your events.


Lastly, with the new version you can perform lots of customization and optimization settings for custom appearance and functionality of the widgets. Same process applies to tasks, reminders and events. Place different views of Month, Week, Day and Year the way you deem fit with options for switching to a black theme interface.


Below is the Download Link for Calendar 2 Pro v2.24.0 Full [Latest]: Download and Install to your Android Device.

Download Businesss Calendar 2  Pro v2.24.0 Full [Latest]

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