Vivo X20 Plus Stock Wallpapers Download [Full Archive Pack]

Vivo X20 Plus Stock Wallpapers

In this post, we’ll provide you with all of the Stock Wallpapers for Vivo X20 Plus smartphone in archive Zip file. Just extract all the wallpapers included into the archive file and pick any one you like to apply on your device. But, before, we go to the wallpaper downloading. Let’s have a peek look at what the Vivo X20 Plus smartphone, is made up of, alright.


VIVO X20 PLUS  stuns with an excellent bezel design screen, which seem to be the new rage and trend. As most flagships, tend to apply the design. The screen is 6.43 inches in size with 1080 pixels by 2160 pixels resolution while the aspect ratio is measured at 18:9.


Inside of the Vivo X20 Plus smartphone is an Octacore Snapdragon 660 chipset with processor of 1.8GHz clock speed coupled with 4GB RAM to spice up the whole setup. As for processing and multi-tasking this setup should do very well and work seamlessly when being held. Comes with 3905mAh capacity battery and runs on the android 7.1 Nougat operating system.


As for the camera which is synonymous to the quality of the wallpapers being attributed to the Vivo X20 Plus, the smartphone has 12MP rear camera and 12MP primary camera for selfies and video chat.


About Vivo OEM


Vivo Electronics Corporation is a Chinese smartphone company with it’s base in Dongguan, Guangdong, China.¬† The company traces as far as 2009 with productions focused on smartphones. The company is yet another Chinese brand to have users sorting out for it in various regions of the world. With it’s primary focused to make budget affordable smartphones with decent specification for the money. Vivo as adopted the Android operating system as the base UI in implementation into it’s smartphone’s design.

How to Download Vivo X20 Plus Stock Wallpapers

Vivo X20 Plus Stock[FULL PACK]


Vivo X20 Plus comes with one wallpaper inside of the smartphone which comes by default from the factory. The download link above, which contains the wallpaper in archive file can be extracted and applied to any android device. The wallpaper is in FHD(Full HD) Format with an aspect ratio of 18:9. Below is also a direct .png extension format of the wallpaper, which you can also download and use straight on your device.

  • Click on any of the download link given from the link above
  • Download the file to your device
  • Open the file by double clicking on the downloaded file
  • Having problems opening archive file, install WINRAR
  • Extract files to any location on your device you like.

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