9Mobile Blackberry N1000 3GB Bundles PC, Android, Tablet

9Mobile Blackberry 1000Naira 3GB Bundles


In this post, I’ll update you with how to easily subscribe for 9Mobile Bundles that you can use on an device. The bundles is a blackberry bundles, but, with the settings given in this post, you can easily be able to make it work on any of your device with just a click of a button.


9Mobile 3GB for 1000 Naira bundles work on computer, PC, Desktop, Android mobiles phones, Windows phones, Apple devices, and Tablets. You can also use this data plan for your Modem to connect to the internet. Simply, follow the step by step procedures that will be given in this post, to get everything started in no time.


To subscribe for 9Mobile Blackberry plan on your smartphone, tablet or modem. First recharge your 9Mobile SIM with 1000 Naira airtime. And then follow the guide given below:


Subscribe 9Mobile 1000 Naira 3GB Bundles


To subscribe for 9Mobile Blackberry monthly plan 3GB data plan for N1000.


9Mobile 1000Naira 3GB Bundles Subscription Code:


  • Simply dial: *499*3#
  • To check balance *228#

After you have subscribed for 9Mobile 3GB 1000 Naira Data bundles, you will be required to follow the procedures below in order to make the bundles work on your computer, tablet, android smartphone, Windows smartphone, Modem etc.

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How to make 9Mobile Blackberry 3GB 1000Naira Bundles work on Any Device:


To make it work on your PC and android Device:


Setting up 9Mobile BlackBerry 3GB 1000 Naira Bundles on Android


Configure your modem or phone to use a new access point with the settings below:

Name: Anyname

APN:  blackberry.net


Port: 8080

Leave all other options in the APN settings as it is.

If you have never setup a new access point on your Phone/Modem before, don’t freak out!! Click here to see an example of how its done.  Thats just about it. Start surfing the internet on your android device.

To share your mobile data over wireless hotspot or usb tethering. Inorder to access the internet on your PC, click this guide


For PC, Computer users on Windows or Mac, use this procedure below: 


Setting up 9Mobile BlackBerry 3GB 1000 Naira Bundles on Android


If you are using Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Simply hit the Windows key: Capture and type proxy. Goto proxy settings and enable proxy. Then set proxy Addresss:       

and Port number: 8080

save settings.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of configuring your computer to run on a proxy settings as described above….Don’t worry! relax you, can also configure your browser directly to use the proxy settings; described above. If you have never configured your browser before to use a proxy setting, Its not as hard as it seems! Have been there too. Click  here to see how it’s done….Pretty straight forward.
All done…….

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