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Slot Nigeria also sells iPhone smartphone which is part of the Apple brand. The online shop is one of top Nigeria online market place and online market place where you can get electronic products. The shopping mall hold variety of smartphone brand that comes in a number of price range depending on the specification of the smartphone and the brand.

At Slot you get different variants of iPhone at a decently priced tag depending on the year of release of the iPhone and the specifications.

One such example is the iPhone 6 which you can grab for around 100k or less at Slot ng. Other iPhone products like the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 8, iPhone X and iPhone 11 are also available at a very good price tag.

To get iPhone smartphone from Slot is quite straight to the point and any one can buy from Slot by visiting their branches/shops across Nigeria or by using the online shopping platform to purchase directly at your comfort.

To buy Slot smartphones including iPhones is quite easy, first go to Slot Ng and register an account. Next, you would want to select the option that is shown in the screen for iPhone products. Next, once you click on the link, it takes you to another page where you are presented with a variety of iPhone smartphones.

Now, you are to select from the listings and price tag that accompanies them, your preferred type. Once done, you can then head on to make payment online and afterwards get the product shipped to your desktop. Also you also have to include your delivery address during the registration process.

Slot Nigeria iPhone Prices:

  • iPhone 11 N330000
  • iPhone 11 Pro Dual Sim N480000
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max Dual N530000
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max Single N500000
  • iPhone 11 Pro Single N455000
  • iPhone 6s Plus N150000
  • iPhone 7 N170000
  • iPhone 7 Plus N195000
  • iPhone 8 N205000
  • iPhone 8 Plus N240000
  • iPhone X N310000
  • iPhone XR Dual N325000
  • iPhone XS 360000
  • iPhone XS 256GB 410000
  • iPhone XS Max N385000
  • iPhone XS Max Dual N465000
  • iPhone XS Max N405000

Above is the prices of iPhones you can get at Slot. You have to take note that the price tag of each smartphone is subject to changes as prices of smartphones often reduces in time. As of the time of posting this article, this are the prices of the iPhones which are quite decent just as you would expect for also Tecno phones on Slot. You can get the latest price of iPhone at Slot by visiting their nearest shop close to your location or visiting the online url.

From the listing, you could see the iPhone 11 goes for around N330000 while the pro version of the 11 goes for around N400000. And iPhone 6s going for around N150000. Followed by the iPhone 7 which is around N190000. Then, the iPhone 8 going for around N200000. Then the plus version of the iPhone 8 going for N240000. And the iPhone 11 going for around N400000 while the pro version of the iPhone 11 going for around N450000.

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