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This post shows you the simple way to share your MTN Data to friends and family numbers by the dial of a button, texting and using the MTN app.

The service that allows users of the MTN network perform this, is called the MTN Gift Data service. With this service, you can share your active MTN data plan bundles with other MTN network. This allows them also access to the internet.

For example, let’s say you have subscribed for MTN 4GB data bundles. Then you have got a friend you want to share some data with. The MTN Data Gifting service allows you to share all of the data value with your friend or by specifying. You can share like 2GB of data with your friend.

Below is the procedures of sharing MTN Data with friends and family.

How to Share MTN Data

If you any of the active MTN data plan, like daily, weekly, monthly, pulse etc. You can share this data bundles with friends or family on another MTN line to also enjoy internet access.

Firstly to gain access to the service and browse through the various options available dial *131*7# on your device.

Using Short Code to Transfer:

Simply dial *131*MTN Number*Data Amount#. 

Say you want to buy data on the behalf of your friend, the MTN Gifting service also allows you to do this by simply using the below code.

Buy Data for a Friend:

*131*Bundle Activation Code*Beneficiary’s Phone number#

For example, if you would want to buy the 75MB data bundle for a loved one MTN phone number, all you have to do is to simply dial:

*131*131*104*Beneficiary Phone Number#

If you want to buy the 1GB Monthly data bundles for a friend, then the code will be:

*131*131*106*Beneficiary Phone Number#

While the code for the 1500 3GB data bundles will be:

*131*131*131*Beneficiary Phone Number#

and so fort and so on.

In addition you can also request data from a friend by using the below code:

Request from a Friend: dial *131*7*3#

To view pending request simply dial *131*7*4# on your device.

You can also share your MTN internet data bundles with friends and family on another MTN number by simply using text. Here is the format given below.

Share MTN Data via Text:

The format of sharing MTN internet data bundles with friends and family using another MTN number is given thus as:


Transfer<space>Phone number<space>Data amount to 131

Sharing MTN Data via myMTN App:

You can also share MTN data bundles with friends and family by using the MTN application on your android device or smartphone.

All you will have to do is to install the MYMTN app from Google Playstore on Android or the App Store on Apple iOS.


That’s all about the MTN data Gifting service. If you have used this service before and found it useful you can drop your views and reviews in the comment section.

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