MTN Ipulse Internet Night Browsing Bundles

The MTN Night Internet Browsing Bundles For Ipulse Tariff

This post is all about, MTN Ipulse Internet Night Browsing Bundles. If you can afford to stay awake at night from 12pm to 4am working on your projects on internet or other stuffs around the web.

The MTN Internet Data plan for the night is also one of the provisions that MTN network has made to allow more users of the network gain access to the internet.

And probably looking for an affordable means of accomplishing your internet night activities. The MTN IPULSE Night Browsing becomes an option.

First thing first, if switching to another tariff plan on your active MTN sim becomes an issue. Get another MTN sim registered. Dedicate it for the night browsing. How to Migrate to MTN IPULSE?: Dial *406# on your phone, no stress.

Back to MTN IPULSE. What MTN IPULSE Tarrif plan entails:

  • 10k/sec to all networks within the Campus Pulsing zone.
  • sms at 2 Naira within the Campus.
  • Free goodybag social bundle at 100 recharge.
  • Discount on your favorite MTN callerTunez.

Hope you have gotten the whole story. Alright, if you using your active MTN sim or opting for a new one simply dial *406# to activate IPULSE. Next, chill through out the day then at night by 12pm send night to 131 25 Naira will be deducted and you will be given 500MB bandwidth allocation.

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Make sure you don’t have an active data subscription, else, you may get an exemption message. Adviceably, use another MTN sim without data subscription to avoid any hassle.  If you exhaust the 500MB before 4am, you can not possibly renew, until the next night.

Except you find your way around, by either switching to your previous tariff and then, opting into IPULSE again. But, I have not put that to test. If that works for you. ok, thats, fine. Do ensure to drop your comments below to let know how you did it.

MTN Internet Night Browsing Bundles For Ipulse Tariff

To subscribe for the MTN Internet Night Plan browsing on IPULSE:

  • Send night to 131 @25 Naira @ 500MB 12pm to 4am

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