Samsung H7 Wireless Speaker with UHQ Audio Tech Price Specification Nigeria India US China UK

Samsung H7 Wireless Speaker UHQ Audio Price Specification Samsung H7 Wireless Speaker with UHQ Audio Tech Price Specification.
Samsung H7 Wireless Speaker packed with 32bit UHQ audio technology is all set to unveil in CES 2017 which also saw the release of the LG Pj9 levitating speaker aswell. The Samsung H7 Wireless Speaker looks well finished with eye catching simplistic design.

The portable wireless speaker has sleek metal finish with wheel controls at the top which enables adjustment of volume and also to select playlist.Samsung H7 Wireless Speaker offers high performance 32 bit ultra high audio performance and can deliver low bass of frequency 35Hz. 


The speaker is by far one of the best sound speakers released by Samsung in 2017 going by the audio quality and design finish.

The speaker works with wireless technology, such that you can connect the speaker hands-free to any device with wireless in order to output audio sound.

Examples of the device that can seamlessly connect to the Samsung H7 Wireless speaker includes all android devices, iOS, Windows and so much more.

The only criterion needed for connectivity is the wireless technology. Once you have this in place, everything becomes easy and straight to the point.

From the image above, you would observe the color is a premium silver type or rather grayish looking kind of color to express and showcase the speaker as being premium.

The sound and audio quality has also impressed with the bass that comes out of it and well refined audio.

You can use these speaker for quite a lot of things like gaming, watching series, listening to music, playing videos and so much more. To setup the device on Android is pretty straight to the point. All you have to do, is to turn on Android bluetooth and also the device. Then locate the device name in the listing of bluetooth nearest devices that comes up. Then you initiate a connection and bam!, you are all set and good to start using the speaker.

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