Samsung Gear VR(2016) Priced at $60 Amazon US UK Nigeria China Canada

Samsung Gear VR(2016) Priced at $60 Amazon US UK Nigeria Canada.
Samsung Gear VR(2016) is now priced at $60 in Amazon US, that is around 27,000 Naira. The official price of Samsung Gear VR(2016) is about $100 which was unveiled alongside Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (RIP). That means a slash in price when buying from Amazon.

Where to Buy Samsung VR(2016) in US UK Canada Nigeria

There are various online shopping malls, you could get the Samsung VR headset from. But, one of the most notable ones is the AMAZON online store.

Price of Samsung VR(2016) in US UK Canda Nigeria

The price of the headset is put at around $60.

Samsung Gear VR(2016) Priced at $60 Amazon

The Samsung VR 2016 headset is compatible with some smartphones, like the Galaxy Note 7, S7 Edge, Note 5, S6 Edge+, S7, S6 and S6 Edge.

The minimum screen size is it can cover is 5.1 inches while the maximum screen size is 5.7 inches. The operating system that the headset runs on, is on the android operating system.

The headset supports both USB Type-C and mUSB connections. There is no build up design to incorporate built in graphics card, CPU, Memory and Video Outputting.

As for the refresh rate of the headset, it uses the refresh rate of the smartphone it works with.

The headset is based on the Oculus Home Android system. The field of view of the headset is 101 degree. While the lens type is aspherical. The focal length of the headset is 54-70 mm in range. The diameter of the lens is 31.5 mm.

The headset also uses touchpad and motion controller for more added functionality.

The weight of the device is 345g. The material used in developing the bodily design is plastic foam like. The major color is black.

The headset is one of the best VR devices released for smartphones in 2016 by the Taiwanese giant, Samsung. With an impressive first specification impression.

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