OnePlus 5: Top 7 Ways to Fix WiFi Network Problems

OnePlus 5: Best Fix for WiFi Network:

Facing connection issues on your OnePlus 5 Wi-Fi?, like frequent disconnection when connected to a network, slow internet speed, slow download, WiFi shows no Internet Connectivity when actually on other devices internet is accessible on same network etc. Then, continue reading for a manual actionable fix.


Most times this kind of WiFi bugs are usually fixed with an OTA auto update from the makers. But, here are other quick easy alternatives you can apply manually to ensure your WiFi works properly on OnePlus 5.


Below, you would find different ways to fix OnePlus 5 WiFi connection issues. You can use all of any of the tip, depending on the problem. Before that lets delve into the preliminaries.


Updating Operating System(OTA)

Normally, updating to a newer OS version of OnePlus 5, ensures all of bug fixes are taken care of. To update your OnePlus 5 smartphone to the latest software version, go to:

  •  Device Settings
  • About
  • Check for updates
  • Install new update.


Preliminary Fixes for OnePlus 5 Network Issues

  1. Ensure your location isn’t too far from the WiFi network source itself.
  2. Ensure you have the right connection  password for connectivity, if you are connecting to a password locked WiFi Network.
  3. Get another device, and try to connect to the same network OnePlus 5 wasn’t able to connect. If it connects then, should would apply the fixes below. If it persist, then, it’s the fault of the WiFi Router.
  4. Rebooting your OnePlus 5, can help solve failing connection issues.


If you have attempted all of the above fixes, with no avail, then try these one out:


WiFi Forget Fix:


In this fix, you simply make OnePlus 5 forget the SSID(Name of WiFi) and entire network parameters of the routers, and then, on subsequent connection, the OnePlus 5 sees it as a new WiFi router.


To apply this fix see below:


  • Goto Device Settings option inside of your OnePlus 5
  • Hit on Wi-Fi
  • Touch and Hold the network name you are trying to connect
  • Select Forget Network from the options listed
  • Search for nearby WiFi, then simply reconnect to the network again.

Connecting to a Different WiFi Network Band

Normally you can easily choose between three options of WiFi network bands to use with your OnePlus 5 smartphone. Either this 3 options activated may affect the way your device works. See the options: Auto2.4 Ghz, and 5GHz Network bands. When you change between bands, and test which one works best for you, you might experience an increase in WiFi speed.


To switch to a preferable option,

  • Tap on your WiFi network, usually in the WiFi list.
  • Next, look for the frequency settings


Alternatively you can also tinker with all of your OnePlus 5 network bands:


  • Goto OnePlus 5 Device Settings
  • Tap on WiFi option
  • Tap on the icon at the right corner with 3 dots.
  • Tap on Advance option listed on the menu
  • Under WiFi Frequency Band, select a band, 2.4GHz, 5GHz, or Auto. Auto options will automatically switch to either of the two depending on the WiFi Router support.


Disabling OnePlus 5 Smart WiFi Switcher

OnePlus 5 smartphone has an option, where the device, in the background automatically searches for the best available network to connect with. If this feature is on, it may be reasons for untimely disconnection issues. To resolve this, you simply have to turn off this feature. See below:

  • Ensure mobile data connection is turned on
  • Go to OnePlus 5 Device Settings and tap on WiFi
  • On the options listed, tap to uncheck the Smart WiFi Switcher, option


Add Google DNS to WiFi Network

The problem could be from your Internet WiFi Providers. Probably DNS issue. You can add Google DNS, to see if it resolves the connection issue. Here is how to:

  • First, use the Forget all Fix, listed in the beginning of the post
  • Tap on network you want to connect to without hitting on the Connection button
  • Tap on Advance option on the list
  • Scroll down to IP Settings
  • Select Static
  • Configure the settings using:
    • IP Address:     NB: you can change the last three digits of your choice to a number between 0 and 255.
    • Gateway:
    • Network Prefix Length: 24
    • DNS 1:
    • DNS2:
  • Next, connect to the network by tapping on the Connect Button.

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