News: Apple has discontinue the iPod nano and shuffle

apple has discontinue iPod and shuffle

iPod Nano’s display during the opening of Apple’s new Barcelona (Photo by Miquel Benitez/Getty Images)

Apple: No more Support for Ipod Nano and Shuffle!

Apple, the popular iPhone OEM, on Thursday has confirmed it will discontinue two of the less-expensive  iPod models: the nano and shuffle. The two products have been removed from the Apple online store and soon will vanish from retail locations in some few months as well. Several news outlets reported the news on Thursday afternoon, with Apple confirming in a statement to reporters that the two iPod products have been removed from Apple online store. The $149 nano and $49 shuffle were last updated with new colors in 2015, but the nano hasn’t been revamped since 2012 while the shuffle hasn’t been redesigned since 2010.

The product Nano and the Shuffle(standalone MP3 players) were both introduced in 2005, each offering its own slimmed-down design of the classic iPod at a lower price and smaller size. Apple has a loss interest in the two devices and has demoted the iPod’s placement in its retail stores a couple of years ago, moving the devices to the company’s accessory shelves due to significantly cut in sale. The company hopes to improve on the promising  iPod Touch.

The company said in a statement.”Today, we are simplifying our iPod lineup with two models of iPod Touch, now with double the capacity, starting at just $199, and we are discontinuing the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano,” Apple’s website now offers two versions of the iPod Touch—which runs on Apple iOS and are similar to the iPhone, only without the wireless feature. The two iPod Touch has to variant, the 64GB of storage for $199, and the other has 128 GB for $299. Previously the company sold models with half the capacity for the same prices.

Apple introduces the original iPod in 2001. It wasn’t the first digital music player, but it upended the music industry with the then mind boggling promise of putting “1,000 songs in your pocket,” . However, the shuffle hit the market in 2005 as the first iPod with faster flash storage and without a screen, while the nano was introduced later in the same year as a replacement for the then-popular iPod mini. After several redesigns in their early years before being supplanted by the iPhone.

Apple also discontinued the iPod classic in 2014, a large iPod with a “click wheel” that looked most like the original model. Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said at the time that the classic was discontinued because the company was unable to source the necessary parts. Nonetheless, with the success of the iPhone, and the lack of an App Store and services like iCloud and Apple Music, the non-touch iPods have become less useful to consumers.

The success of the iPhone has surpassed the iPod, Apple, based in Cupertino, California, has sold more than 400 million iPods so far, while the iPhone a billion units was sold in July 2016.

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