How to recharge/buy airtime on your Phone All Nigeria Banks

This post is all about the various codes that shows you How to recharge/buy airtime on your Phone in All the major Nigeria Banks.

So without further ado lets delve intoo How to recharge your phone through your bank account in opened with any Nigeria bank is easy.

Simply dial the following codes on your phone dial pad depending on the bank the account was opened with.

  1. Access Bank ∗901∗amount#

  2. Eco Bank *326*amount#

  3. Fidelity Bank *770*amount#

  4. FCMB Bank *389*214*amount#

  5. F.Bank: *894*amount #

  6. GTB *737*amount#

  7. Heritage Bank *322*030*amount#

  8. Keystone *322*082*amount#

  9. Sky Bank *389*076*1*amount#

  10. IBTC *909*amount#

  11. Sterling*822*amount#

  12. UBA*389*033*1*amount#

  13. Unity Bank*322*215*amount#

  14. Zenith*966*amount# or *302*amount#(mtn users)

  15. Diamond Bank (Yellow account only) *701*555*phone number*amount*pin#

NOTE⇒ The phone number to be recharged must be the number used in opening the account!.

How to recharge/buy airtime on your Phone All Nigeria Banks

Above are all the codes that you need to make any transactions of recharge card to your phone via your bank accounts of the most Nigerian banks.

The advent of mobile banking in the Nigerian space have also affected the way banking is being done in Nigeria, making the process more easier and less difficult.

The codes given is for all popular banks in Nigeria. They all USSD codes that allows you to quickly recharge.

This various codes work for all Nigeria banks. You can use them to recharge and load airtime from your bank accounts and as well other functions.

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How the various codes work is quite easy and simplistic. First you would need to know the code for your bank first and then use it on a device with the phone number used in opening it.

Now you dial the code in a particular format given in order to initiate the transaction process.

For example, the code for Access Bank airtime recharging is, Access Bank ∗901∗amount#.

Thus, you simply dial, ∗901∗amount#. That means, if you want to recharge 1000 Naira on airtime using Access Bank, simply dial, ∗901∗1000# on your device.

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